What Do You Consider a "Sign" of Better Economic Times Ahead?

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I contribute regularly to a blog site run by one of our partners called the Bullhorn Blogger.  (Bullhorn in an on-demand front office system for staffing and recruiting firms).  Because we have many Microsoft Dynamics GP clients in the staffing industry (and our own custom GP add for them called StaffLinx) we like to keep informed on the issues that interest this community.  I read an interesting article in a Connecticut Business Journal that attempted to prove the point that when companies start to hire more temporary workers, it is an indicator that the economy is recovering.  (Read My Post Here: Staffing Companies Can Be Canaries for Economic Boom!).  This led me to start questioning what I consider as a sign that the economy is recovering.

We recently wrote a white paper about the cost of accounting software - and I had over 200 downloads in a little over a month! (trust me, this is a huge # in my world)  This is a sign to me that people are researching and planning and preparing for new accounting software purchases.  This is important because they say that the life span of accounting software is about 7-10 years and many companies upgraded to their current system to prepare for Y2K. So right now many people are overdue for a change and limping along on old technology, just waiting for their own “sign” that the economy is getting better.  I hope that time has come!

While we have added more new new clients this year than last year at CAL Business Solutions, I personally believe that when the economy does show concrete signs of stabilizing there will be a flood of activity for accounting software buyers.  And we are ready for the flood!

What does your business consider as a sign that the economy is recovering?  Leave a comment and let me know.

by CAL Business Solutions - Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

3 thoughts on “What Do You Consider a "Sign" of Better Economic Times Ahead?”

  1. I don't think things will get better until banks and insurance companies stop robbing people blind. A sign of a turn around will be when people start to demand better service and lower rates from the geniuses that got us into this mess.

  2. Very interesting article. My company is actually looking at different accounting software vendors but unfortunately they are unable to fulfill all of our business needs & are extremely costly. Currently, we use old systems that are inefficient and very time consuming. I will suggest that we will look into CAL Business Solutions. I guess the economy is recovering since we are looking to pursue such a costly project. Great article. Thanks!

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