Shopping for a Quickbooks replacement? Time to make a list!

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Has your company outgrown your Quickbooks system?

Many companies select Quickbooks when they first start out, but quickly realize that the simplicity that made Quickbooks so appealing at first is really just masking a very limited system, so the search commences for a replacement.

Where should this search begin?  What criteria should be used to evaluate potential replacements?  How can I manage this selection process?

The answer is no different from so many other tasks that need to follow a specific process:  Make a list.

Write down all of the issues you are experiencing with Quickbooks:  Limited to 12 fiscal periods, no real Chart of Accounts, poor reporting tools, need to add more users, and anything else that is critical to your company and its’ future.  Ask your fellow employees if they have to perform any mission-critical tasks in a system outside of Quickbooks (MS Office Excel is a favorite tool for creating “work-arounds” and “it’s just easier’s”).  Add these to your list.

Format these criteria into a simple list, and then grade your selected alternatives (such as Microsoft Dynamics GP) against the list.  Grading can either be a simple “Yes” or “No”, or you can add a basic grading scale (A thru F, or 1 thru 5) to each criteria.  Review each alternative against your list, and see which solution is delivering the best results for your specific needs and issues.

There are good alternatives to Quickbooks, and the use of an objective tool in evaluating the alternatives will produce a solution you can truly live with for a long time to come.

By TMC – Southern California Dynamics GP PartnerShopping for a Quickbooks replacement? Time to make a list!

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