Microsoft Dynamics GP versus Sage MAS Products

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In researching why customers have chosen Dynamics GP over Sage MAS products - and even switched to Dynamics GP after implementing MAS 90 and 500,  we have found some truly revealing differences in the products.  These differences concern both large multi-location companies all the way to smaller family-run businesses who rely on ease of use and ability to connect to industry standard products at a low cost.   Familiar/Intuitive Windows - If businesses are already using Microsoft Office and Windows, then the learning curve for new implementations is made much shorter and simpler, because the users are familiar with the windows, toolbars, and the products Microsoft Dynamics GP integrate with ~ like Excel, Word, and Outlook!   Commitment to Technology and Development - Microsoft Dynamics GP is backed by technology that gives you the speed, power, and functionality to grow with your business. Microsoft's level of investment in business software is unprecedented in the accounting software industry. Wouldn't you rather run your company on an accounting system that is more likely to embrace and leverage new technologies as they emerge?  User Processing Made Quicker and Easier - With Mas90 and 200 you have to post in batches at all times, and kick people off the system in order to post.  Case Studies have shown a 25% speed increase in processing invoices and sales orders within Dynamics GP over the MAS products.  It is not easy to close the month in MAS as the Month-end closing is procedure driven and you cannot deviate. You must complete step 1 before moving to step 2. With Microsoft Dynamics GP closing a month can be a simple as ticking a box...and if you need to re-open the month, un-tick the box.  As far as multi-national accounting processing is concerned, only 17% of the user requirements were met out of the box with MAS as compared with 84% of the requirements immediately being met with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Inherent Integrations - MAS90 is not “Mapi” compliant. What does that mean?  Well, being Mapi compliant means you can easily generate an email document from within Dynamics GP. Also, MAS hasn't earned the Microsoft Backoffice logo. Why? Not enough testing. This Logo indicates that there has been enough testing on the Microsoft SQL server and that they found it to be a stable SQL server solution.  MAS doesn't use Microsoft Biztalk and XML compliance protocols. Having industry standard XML capability means you can build that electronic (EDI) supply chain with your customers and vendors far easier and for less money.  That’s what Microsoft Dynamics achieves!  MAS doesn’t use COM components so is not taking advantage of more efficient programming techniques that are out there.  Flexibility in Setup - What is the Maximum Periods in a fiscal year in MAS products?  13, while Microsoft Dynamics GP can handle 368 periods in a fiscal year.  And the number of times a budget can be modified?  Well, it’s 3 for MAS and 99,999 for Dynamics GP.  What about the number of open periods in the General Ledger?  That would be 26 for the MAS products and 99,999 for Dynamics GP.   To read about some of the advantages other companies have achieved and differences they have found, you can go to and gain access to several case studies.  So why make the switch now?  Well, Microsoft has given you TWO huge financial advantages to go along with the accounting advantages! 
  1.  If you are a current SAGE customer, you can receive up to 50% off the license price of Microsoft Dynamics GP users and modules!
  2. With your initial purchase, you can receive up to 25% of the original price as a rebate to use for your implementation and training services with your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner!
** Full offer details are available through Borek Business Solutions. By: Abra Lynne Gilman - Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

10 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics GP versus Sage MAS Products”

  1. Right off the top of my head: Moneydance has nothing close to Money’s reintrpog and budgeting features. In fact, Moneydance’s budget manager is so un-helpful it in no way interacts with your regular use of the program, entering transactions that I’m not sure why it’s in there at all. And I personally found Moneydance the most adequate of all the Mac programs I tried but after a year I grew frustrated.

  2. To the person stating that Great Plains is “visionary” compared to Sage, what are you smoking? I worked with GP Dynamics for years, went to another employers and saw a Dynamics demoed to them. Other than the initial desktop screen. The product is still the same ‘ol waste. Keep drinking that GP juice.

  3. You could all rest easy and move over to Oracle! From what I recall, Microsoft published the Sage implementation of MAS 500 as the best .net implementation by an ISV until someone at Microsoft thought this might not provide the competitive advantage it needed over Sage for ERP deals and removed it from Micorosoft’s website. I have the Case Study somewhere if anyone wants it. Oracle is a superior database and application strategy for any company looking to build an ERP platform that works!

  4. I have to agree with Mark on this. I might have worded it differently. However, his point is accurate. If you compare GP to an old version of MAS90/200 then you can make some of these statements. Actually that is the ‘only’ way you can make some of the statements above. Many statements in the blog are outright fallacies.
    Bottom line… Both GP and MAS90/200 are great products. I think most of us that have worked with both of them will say that. They both have strengths and weaknesses. Yes I am a Sage VAR. We are also an MS Partner and I’ve worked with GP before. I guess in a perfect world I’d love to see someone really do a fair comparison between the two. Something not funded by MS or Sage. Let’s keep the marketing folks out of a discussion like this.

  5. Mark, in response to your comment about the name of the blog, it was crafted in order to get in front of people researching ERP options at an early stage who may not know that Microsoft has multiple, viable ERP solutions AND, to provide them with an education on Microsoft Dynamics GP. Had we called the blog it would only have been found by individuals who were already aware of GP, it’s capabilities and it’s sizeable client base.

  6. Mark – Once again, as in your other comments, you are entitled to your honest (albeit a bit harsh) opinions of our site. I can understand that you are defensive of MAS90, since you do sell that product. But don’t worry, I will refrain from putting negative comments like yours on the Sage group partner blog that you participate in.

  7. Thank you for your opinion Mark. We provide this material based on feedback from current customers of both products.
    I admit that I prefer the Microsoft Dynamics GP product. This is due to our research and experience with existing customers and their determination to both move away from the MAS products onto Microsoft Dynamics GP ~ or selecting Microsoft Dynamics GP while going through their own analysis during their open bidding for a solution.

  8. The name of this blog implies some neutral advice. Its nothing but a bunch of banded together Dynamics GP var’s looking for leads.

    These ‘GP versus MAS90’ articles are a joke. If GP were truly materially superior to MAS90, you and Microsoft wouldn’t need to create these lists.

    I know both apps. 75% of these items are either highly exaggerated or just completely wrong or based on 10 year old versions of MAS90/200.

    For example, MAS90’s visual integrator is the easy and most stable integration tool I’ve worked with across 9 products.

    If you want to do object integration, the Business Object Interface allows pure .net API calls.

  9. In our experience the MAS products offer a terrible integration experience. We have an ISV product that integrates with the Sage MAS ERP and the Microsoft Dynamics ERP. There is just no comparison in the integration interface. Also stability is a serious issue wiht the Sage MAS products. The Providex database is prevasive (pun intended) in the Sage ERP and is just terrible from a stability and integration stand point. I say this being both a Sage and a Microsoft partner. It almost seems like Sage is just milking the cow and really is not being visionary of where their products need to go.

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