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Like many of you, the (rapidly?) spreading H1N1 (swine) flu virus has captured my attention these past few weeks.  World health organizations are gathering and analyzing data at breakneck speeds in order to gain the upper hand and prevent these outbreaks from becoming a full blown pandemic.  Easy accessibility to timely and reliable information is a necessity, so that informed decisions can be made and the necessary steps taken to slow or halt its progress.


Because of quick action, most likely this health crisis will be over quickly.  But for the typical business owner or corporate executive, monitoring the financial health of their business is an everyday necessity that never ends. The success of any business is impacted by the economy, competitors, customers, employee issues and social change. Keeping current on and reacting to these ever changing factors often spells the difference between financial success and failure.


Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) provides numerous tools that efficiently access this critical business intelligence. These include key performance indicators, dashboard views and reports, analysis cubes and forecasting. These data monitoring gauges provide up to date information on the financial health of the business, so that rapid fire decision making can help mitigate negative trends (decreasing sales) or items of concern (increasing receivables).  Monitoring this business intelligence daily gives business owners and financial executives the upper hand they need to prevent the widespread outbreak of their own financial calamity.


By The Knaster Technology Group - Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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