13 characteristics that really make a good VAR (Lucky 13)!

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What really makes a good VAR ~ or what should your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner be doing for you?  Well, in my expert opinion, they should at least be...

1.  Communicating with you through regular newsletters, emails, & phone calls.

2.  Sending you helpful Tips and Tricks to use with your current products.

3.   Providing free web-seminars on existing & new applications and their features.

4.   Sharing what you can get for FREE on the Microsoft Website-Dynamics GP on-line tutorials, access to technology support issues, links to updates.

5.   Living the values that they write in their marketing brochures -- putting their clients first, keeping your interests and expenditures in mind, being available to you.

6.   Answering your support questions through both email or phone support with a direct connection to many expert product consultants.

7.   Continuing their education in the Microsoft Dynamics modules, tools, & certification programs.

8.   Holding both themselves & your projects in the highest level of integrity, treating all individuals and companies with respect.

9.   Exceeding your expectations by being PROactive with upcoming renewals, releases & downloads, and closing procedures-not Reactive back-peddling.

10.  Creating mutually beneficial relationships based on professionalism & TRUST.

11.  Communicating the current Microsoft Promotions available to you.

12.   Promoting creativity, initiative and personal growth within their own organization, allowing their employees to be empowered to make the right decisions on your behalf.

13.  Modifying your system the way you need it to process effectively and efficiently-whether that is achievable by configuration settings, modifications/development, integrations/conversions or additional training.

 Before you choose an accounting software partner, make sure they can provide ALL of these essentials for you ~ for a partner that will pass the test look at  BOREK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS!

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Borek Business Solutions - Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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