12 Reasons to Consider Upgrading from Peachtree to Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software

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Peachtree can be a good starter accounting program but lots of companies we work with just plain outgrow it!  When they get over a certain number of transactions or customers the system is basically just maxed out.  So it is a good idea to compare Peachtree to Microsoft Dynamics GP.   I read an interesting report from ASA Research Report and I was able to glean 12 Reasons a Company Should Upgrade from Peachtree Accounting Software to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  

1)     More Features - Dynamics GP provides 1,372 more features than Peachtree’s strongest product offering – Peachtree Quantum. Peachtree does not support multiple warehouse locations, allocation formulas, intercompany accounts, piece rates, item pictures, demand forecasting, and shelf life tracking.

 2)     Strong Database - Dynamics GP offers a more robust database which can handle millions of transactions without slowing down whereas Peachtree’s database performance can start declining after just 75,000 transactions.


3)     Breadth of Modules - Dynamics GP provides 50 modules compared to just 18 for Peachtree.  Based on a 2008 feature summary for 35 top accounting system solutions, Peachtree products ranked near the bottom behind 31 other popular accounting products.

4)     Strong Financial Reporting - Dynamics GP offers far more reports (700+ standard reports) than Peachtree (143 standard reports). 

5)     Office Integration – Import, Export and Link from Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Want to know the other 7 reasons? It is too many to list here so read the full report here “Practical Advice for Companies Outgrowing Peachtree”  .

by CAL Business Solutions – Connecticut (CT) Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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