10 Signs You've Outgrown Your Accounting Software

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I sat in a meeting yesterday and listened to a company tell me how long they have limped along with an outdated accounting software, full of patches and workarounds.  I sat there and thought - you don't realize how easy life could be with a new system!  Yet it can be hard to make the leap and know when to say, yes, now it is time to invest in a new system.  Here are 10 signs that you have outgrown your accounting software:

 1. The level of user complaints has risen significantly.

2.  Employees ask to add non-authorized software to the system.

3.  You can't fulfill requests for information from partners or customers in their preferred format and timeframe.

4.  You're still not making full use of the Internet.

5.  You have gaps between front-end and back-end systems that are plugged by unsatisfactory customized solutions.

6.  The software inhibits users from completing tasks.

7.  You have multiple, non-integrated information stores.

8.  You find yourself contemplating hiring contractors to write add-ons.

9.  Support costs have risen.

10. You don't have enough support resources.

If you are experiencing any of these "symptoms" it is time to look at new software like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

by CAL Business Solutions - New England Microsoft Partner

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