Companies Save Money by Right-Sizing From Oracle to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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In today’s economy, all companies are looking for ways to save money. Instead of upgrading their accounting software, lately, I have seen that some companies are considering “rightsizing” their accounting software. Companies that own Tier 1 ERP systems like Oracle, JD Edwards & Peoplesoft don’t want to pay the hefty annual maintenance fees. And they realize that they don’t use much of the complex functionality provided with these systems. So I have been getting calls from companies who want to compare Microsoft Dynamics GP as an option. Microsoft Dynamics GP can give them the functionality they need at a fraction of the price.

I point them to this information on the Microsoft site: Oracle (JD Edwards, Peoplesoft) that gives 3 reasons to switch as well as some nice case studies. I also like the recent article in CIO magazine (The Next Big ERP Innovator: Microsoft) which gave some nice comparisons of Microsoft Dynamics to Oracle. The writer observes, Microsoft is "committing more and more resources to its Dynamics solutions, and its ability to integrate Dynamics with its ubiquitous Windows applications—especially Office—makes Microsoft a threat that neither SAP nor Oracle can afford to take lightly."
The bottom line, if you are using a system that is more than you need, now is the time to bite the bullet and start over. A small investment now will save you money year after year.

To learn more about right-sizing to Microsoft Dynamics GP call:

CAL Business Solutions – a Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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3 thoughts on “Companies Save Money by Right-Sizing From Oracle to Microsoft Dynamics GP”

  1. I cant believe it.
    I'm involved in the process of choose of an ERP system where I'm working, and by now, the best proposal is JD Edwards in front of Axapta, by price, by usability, by reporting tools, and by freedom of choose.

    The price of Consulting for JDE is not cheap, i know, but for AX is much more expensive.

    We have some companies in other countries, and i'm sure that we can connect them with a server if we use JDE, because it's lighter in front of AX: Web vs Terminal Server.

    And, if you marry with AX, you have to get married with all MS products, Office, Windows Server, and others, and you have to consider the price for licenses yearly.

    I think AX is a good product, but JDE is much better.

  2. We have been seeing a great deal of right-sizing going on as companies in this economy need to do more with less. We had a client who replaced their Oracle system with Microsoft Dynamics and did it for less than the cost of their yearly Oracle maintenance.

    In addition to the software, you can save greatly on eliminating or reducing dependence on database administrators, hardware and outside consultants.

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