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Insight Works Signs on Techminds Group LLC as Yet Another Partnership Program Member

Insight Works has signed on Techminds Group LLC, a New Jersey, USA-based company with international offices providing clients with software solutions that incorporate best-of-breed IT products, as another Partner Program member. Through the partnership, Techminds plans to extend its core competency of enabling businesses to realize the full potential of their IT investments by building value into […]

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Les avantages de choisir un partenaire d’implantation spécialisé dans votre industrie – Liste d’évaluation d’un nouveau système ERP #7

Il ne suffit pas de choisir le système financier en tant que tel avant l’implantation d’une nouvelle solution ERP : vous devez également choisir un partenaire qui pourra implanter la solution en plus de vous guider et de vous supporter tout au long du processus.   Les solutions ERP Microsoft Dynamics ont un large réseau de […]

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The Benefits of Choosing an Implementation Partner Specialized in Your Industry – Evaluating a New ERP System Checklist Item #7

The choice of the financial management system itself is not the only decision that has to be made prior to the implementation of a new ERP solution: you also have to choose a partner that will not only be able to implement the solution, but can also guide and support you throughout the entire process. […]

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A Wake-up Call – A Game Changer Is on the Way

I am aware that my writing can elicit a number of different views and opinions. Anyway, I believe I am on the right track in relation to the upcoming software-as-a-service IT-world offering high functional standard solutions at a low cost. As opposite to this new way, it is amazing that nothing has changed in the IT-consultancy […]

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Selecting the Right ERP Partner to Lead Your Implementation

Have you decided to invest in a new ERP system? If so, you have likely done a great deal of research to find systems that best fit your business. Selecting the right system is key to a successful ERP system implementation, but don’t forget the importance of selecting the right vendor to lead the implementation. […]

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How do I buy Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is sold through a network of Value Added Resellers (VAR) like DFC Consultants. As the name suggests, VARs add value to the initial product through added features and services. Microsoft VARs go through an in-depth process to become Microsoft Certified Partners able to sell advanced business software like Microsoft Dynamics GP and […]

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Top 3 Ways to Have the Best ISV to VAR Relationship

When Great Plains was first released in small town Fargo in 1993, version 1.0 was already a robust product, being one of the first accounting packages designed to be used under a multi-user system. It wasn’t until 2001 when Microsoft officially purchased the software that it became what it is today: a flexible, mid-sized, business-focused […]

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Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Opportunity.

Recently, I read an eye-opening article on LinkedIn titled, “Why CPAs Must Change” by Geni Whitehouse. Her observations are focused on how technology is replacing much of what businesses used to gain from CPA firms.  Our industry - whether you are a VAR or an ISV - is delivering the applications and technology that is […]

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Interviews with Dynamics GP VARs – Entrepreneurial Challenges and How to Beat Them

Believe me when I say that I understand from first-hand experience the challenges that come with operating an ISV in the Dynamics space. So to understand our customers better I set out to hear their own experiences with installation and operation. Lee Sherwood of Sherwood Systems started his steel fabrication firm in 1979, naming it […]

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