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Make your Employees Happy with User-Friendly ERP Software for Manufacturing

In this article, Sheldon Needle, President of, highlights traits among MRP and ERP software solutions that are highly rated for user-friendliness. Although usability can be subjective, CTS has identified 10 ease-of-use traits that are fairly universal among manufacturing software solutions. Let’s take a look at five of these traits and how Microsoft Dynamics® ERP […]

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Easy-to-Use ERP Software IS Possible!

If you asked your employees today whether or not your ERP software system is easy to use…what would they say? According to a survey conducted by IFS World, among 200 executives with mid-large manufacturing companies throughout North America, almost 40 percent of respondents said that their enterprise software was “somewhat difficult to use,” 13 percent characterized […]

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Drive Superior Results with Microsoft Dynamics GP

In a utopian business world, your company’s most critical functions would operate under one user-friendly software umbrella, right?  With a few intuitive clicks of your mouse, you could simply and effectively manage virtually every aspect of your enterprise with confidence.  Your PC would be a window through which you could accomplish mission-critical tasks across your […]

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