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To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: Compare Dynamics GP Versions

Deciding when to upgrade new Microsoft Dynamics GP software is a big decision. There are a lot of questions that spring to mind when you start thinking about upgrading: What am I gaining by upgrading? Are there new features that will help make me and my staff more productive? Will I need new hardware? Do […]

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From Accounting System Upgrades to IT Managed Services, We Have You Covered!

If yours is like many growing business, you have probably faced one or more of these issues: The accounting or other business management software you bought when you first started out is no longer serving your needs. Manual processes and work arounds are slowing your staff down Your current reporting delivers in complete incomplete information […]

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Must Watch Dynamics GP Training for New Users

If you’ve ever added someone to your accounting team who had no previous experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP, or they were used to a completely different workflow then what your organization uses, I am sure you’ve probably wondered, what the best way is to get these individuals comfortable with the system quickly. Since this is […]

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Free Dynamics Training and Third Party Demos Now Available On Demand

On September 15th we held a user conference and trade show to commemorate the 25th anniversary of our company’s founding.  During this exciting event, attendees were treated to a wide variety of Microsoft Dynamics training and 3rd party solution demonstrations.  Now, we have made this information available on our website for all Dynamics GP users […]

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What to Do When You Have Duplicate Checks in Your Dynamics GP Payroll Register

Did you complete your payroll as normal, post it and print reports, only to discover something odd when reviewing the reports?  Are you seeing 2 checks for each employee on your Dynamic GP Payroll Check Register?  If you’re anything like a client I worked with recently, you were probably very surprised by this.  After digging […]

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Meet the All New Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client

The Microsoft Dynamics GP web client was first introduced with Dynamics GP 2013 as a way for users to be able to access some of the system’s capabilities on the go, instead of always needing to be at the office using a computer or terminal server that has Dynamics GP locally installed. Since its initial […]

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How Great Plains Financial Users Easily Manage Multiple Companies

Do you use Dynamics Great Plains financial software to handle your organization’s accounting and:   Have multiple companies but one centralized accounting location? Wish you could process all of those companies in one Microsoft Dynamics GP database and still maintain individual balance sheets and income statements?   If you answered yes, Multi-Entity Management (MEM) by Binary […]

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How to Tell If Your Accounting Software Is Putting Your Business at Risk

It’s a fact of life, as businesses grow they become more complex and customers begin demanding faster and better service. And sometimes, the software that served you well initially begins to stand in the way of your business being able to realize its full potential. And, while replacing an important system like your accounting software can […]

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Dynamics GP Pricing Demystified

Let’s face it, after you decided you’re ready to look at new business management solutions and put together a punch list of the features you’ll need, one of the first questions that probably came to mind is, “how much is this going to cost me?” Like all other ERP systems, Dynamics GP pricing depends on […]

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How to Streamline Purchase Orders Using a Dynamics GP Workflow

Do you wish you could make the Purchase Order approval and tracing process easier? The Dynamics GP workflow functionality helps to automate this and other common tasks. Setting up a Dynamics GP workflow gives you the ability to approve a document or master record based on certain criteria as set forth by your business model. How does PO workflow work, […]

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