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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Document Attach

Lose the filing cabinet, keep the information! Dynamics GP has a great feature that goes a long way to becoming a paperless office. Using the Document Attach feature, you can attach any type of file to a master record or transaction inside of Dynamics GP. Three of the more common uses for this feature are: […]

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Highlighting the Popular New Features of GP 2016

With year-end procedures in full gear, Microsoft has released Dynamics GP 2016 R2, the latest in the Dynamics GP series. This year, they’ve done something a little bit different by combining the year-end update for GP 2016 with the R2 service pack, meaning that if you're using GP 2016, they are one and the same […]

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The Smartest Tip for SmartList

Learn the best way to make your SmartLists work for you. This recording of our webinar dives into SmartList Builder – the easy-to-use tool that allows you to build lists of ALL your Dynamics GP data. If you have entered data into Dynamics GP, SmartList Builder will allow you to report on it. Ditch the old […]

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Connections between Dynamics GP and Excel

Dynamics GP interfaces with Excel in several different ways.  The most common ways are through built in functions like Smartlists, Excel Budgets and Dynamics pre-defined Excel reports.  These are the base interfaces, but there are also several other methods to link GP data to Excel.  Some of the other ways are through an ODBC driver, […]

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Our Top Four Favorite Features in SmartList for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Do not overlook the SmartList feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP. SmartList is one of the easiest and most popular reporting tools offered in GP, allowing you to gain instant access to data in the form of reports and queries. That information can then be easily exported to Excel, manipulated and then imported back into GP. […]

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Benefits of Adding SmartView to your Microsoft Dynamics System

When you work with several different systems, reentering data in multiple places is inevitable. Or does it have to be? With SmartView from eOne, there’s no more data reentry between Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM and even Excel spreadsheets. Let your customers do the work by entering their information into your online forms, where SmartView then […]

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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?

Since its release in December, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 has been helping customers improve their business processes with its many upgraded features.  The following blog post describes the top new features in GP 2015 that your company can be taking advantage of today. System 2015  The ability to copy the Home Page and the Area […]

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Four Useful New Features in Dynamics GP 2015

Microsoft recently rolled out Dynamics GP 2015, and with it, a number of significant new features and abilities. In some ways, this is an update that completely rethinks aspects of the program, while adding features that users have long asked for. So what are some of the top features in GP 2015? Service-Based Architecture One […]

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Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Smartlist and Smartlist Designer Webinar

SmartList and the new SmartList Designer are powerful data mining tools you already own as a part of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Please check out our recorded webinar to learn tips & tricks about SmartList, as well as how to use the powerful features in the new SmartList Designer! This video covers the following topics: Tips & Tricks for SmartList Change existing views Search […]

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Finding New Donors with Your Current Information in Dynamics GP

The financial support of donors is critical to your nonprofit’s continued success. While retaining current donors is less expensive than gaining new, you can’t rely on your current pool of donors to sustain your organization indefinitely. Finding new and loyal donors is a challenge for any nonprofit and is not only time-consuming, but expensive. One […]

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