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Top 5 Trends in CPM and BI for 2017

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 trends in corporate performance management in 2017, with a focus on features and functionalities as the marketplace continues to evolve.  Here we are at the beginning of the year again, and it’s time to get into the work of realizing our goals.  All over the internet, there […]

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How to Select an Electronic Workflow Solution?

Electronic workflow solutions helps organizations enhance productivity inside as well as outside the workplace. The adoption of electronic workflow solutions has been increasing as the business landscape has become more competitive and decision-makers are looking to implement various solutions to reduce expenses, wasted time, efforts, errors and increase productivity. The primary objective of electronic workflow solutions is to improve operational efficiency as […]

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It’s Time To Move into the Future With Paperless Solutions!

Although buzz phrases such as "cloud computing" and "big data" litter the Internet, there are many who consider paperless document management to be an important part of the innovative environment. Although many contemporary business professionals are beginning to realize that tangible files and record practices are obsolete, some maintain that it still has a place in the […]

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Two Reasons Today’s Business Needs Invoice Automation

Invoice automation is a necessity for today's business for a number of reasons, whether it's security, efficiency or merely keeping up with the ever- growing competition. Though some companies fear the changes associated with the move to paperless, document management software can actually improve customer and colleague relations as the electronic workflow of the office transforms. […]

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Third Party Products for Microsoft Dynamics GP? Why?

In a LinkedIn group recently, a member asked fellow users of Microsoft Dynamics GP for some sort of documentation with an explanation for why GP needs and benefits from third party products.  It is a fascinating and relevant thread, potentially a challenge to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and a bona fide query for Dynamics loyalists.  […]

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How To Take Those Necessary Steps Toward Paperless Document Management

Wouldn't it be great to be able to manage all company documents through paperless document management?  For an employee, the frequent malfunctioning of the copy machine and printer jams obstruct them from getting necessary tasks done. The only person who benefits from such a blunder is the repairman and even he isn't often enthusiastic about driving up […]

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Document Management Software Can Reduce Costs

  Going paperless can save your office thousands!     Across several industries, a variety of companies are automating a variety of methods and moving paper records on-line. The advantages are immense - by finishing processes like invoicing, accounts receivable, or payable tasks and various other functions, companies will eliminate the requirement for filing cabinets, […]

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Governments Going Paperless

There have been multiple reports recently of local governments turning to document management software in order to place files of all kinds on computers. If you work in an office that still records client, internal, financial and industry information on paper, chances are you have to sift through a whole slew of different files each day. Consider […]

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Do Not Ever Miss Backing Up Your Files

To so many business leaders, embracing document management software seems like old hat at this point. A number of entrepreneurs jumped into this technology whole heartedly when it first came out and still enjoy the numerous benefits the service offers today, while some others took a little more time to be convinced. No matter when they leveraged […]

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Consumers are Flying in Lighter Airplanes with Paperless Electronic Workflow Software

If paperless systems can be put to use in any industry that seems like it would benefit from customers and workers carrying various paper records, why wouldn't this same tactic be beneficial in a traditional office? It doesn't matter what domain you're in or the size of your company - any business can avail benefits […]

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