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Continuing Development – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 is Now Available

As part of Microsoft’s continued focus on product improvement, the Release 2 version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has been made available.  This is just under one year since the newest version of Great Plains (G2010) was released.  The GP product continues to receive focus and research and development from Microsoft and continues to be a […]

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Better Compliance and Efficiency with Dynamics GP Not-for-Profit

When people first hear the phrase ' fund accounting',  schools, churches, governmental agencies, municipalities and the other thousands of not-for-profit organizations out there come to mind. Thoughts may then move to the complexity of the record keeping that takes place in these organizations, especially when it comes to the financial data. When facing a mandate to […]

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Bonus Depreciation Provision Makes Now a Good Time to Buy Dynamics GP

We are not claiming to be tax experts – seriously who could know everything about taxes anyway?  But a bill was signed into law on December 17th, 2010 (H.R. 4853 – Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010) which includes a two-part extension of the bonus depreciation provision for all businesses, […]

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Microsoft Dynamics Bringing Together Around 10,000 Users Annually

As we are all aware, the world of software continues to evolve and advance.  Competition continues to facilitate new versions and new add-ons  as each one strives to be the one with the “latest and greatest”.  So how can anyone keep up with all of the changes?  With Microsoft Dynamics GP the answer is a […]

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Built-In Payment Services – Just Another Great Feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everything is going electronic.  We even now have a “Cyber Monday” to rival the traditional “Black Friday”.  Going electronic is a part of life and sometimes it can be overlooked just what it takes to accept or make “electronic” payments.  Fortunately Microsoft has taken one of the most basic requirements – accepting and processing credit […]

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Adaptive ERP Software – Microsoft Dynamics GP Responds Quickly to Tax Changes

With all of the different requirements out there - Taxes, Federal Regulations, SEC Rules, Federal, State, Local reporting requirements - who can keep up with various government agencies and bureaucracies?  Wouldn’t it be nice to simply install an update and forget about it?  The Microsoft Great Plains ERP Software team carefully monitors payroll tax table […]

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To the Cloud and Beyond! 4 Reasons for Hosting your Dynamics GP Solution

 I’m sure many of you reading this have been told at some point – maybe during elementary school – to get your “head out of the clouds and pay attention.”  They were telling you to be more serious and to come back to reality.  But now that has all changed – there are many reasons […]

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Proper Accounting With Microsoft Dynamics GP

That’s a quick fix!  That’s an easy fix!  Often times these words are said right before the problem at hand gets much worse.  A piece of gum in the crack of the dam might make it appear the water has stopped leaking from the outside, but that water is still working through the crack on […]

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You’re Never Alone with the Dynamics GP Support System

In today’s world, almost every company of every size has an Accounting ERP system in place to keep track of its books.  Many companies also run various types of additional software; some of it specialized for their industry.  But not every company has the need or desire to have an IT department or even to have an […]

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3 Reasons Why Anytime is a Good Time for Microsoft Dynamics GP!

Microsoft’s Commitment Microsoft Office Partners For everyone who has had to purchase a computer, they understand the fact that by the time they receive the computer from the manufacturer and get it up and running there is a newer technology that has become available.  Often when a person makes the decision to purchase a computer […]

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