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Don’t Stop the Flow: Managing a Job Shop

When it comes to a job shop in manufacturing, we’re talking about a process in which small batches of a variety of custom products are made. In the job shop process flow, most of the products produced require a unique setup and sequencing of process steps – and the last thing you want is to […]

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4 Signs Your Manufacturing Business Needs a Configurator

A manufacturing business can always benefit from bridging sales, production and engineering so that a number of criteria can be met – which options are available for parts, which options may work with other options, which options may include other sub-options and the costs of these varying options. Through the use of a configurator, the […]

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Business Management Software that Manufacturers (Big or Small) will Love

Are you the owner of a small manufacturing company with just a handful of employees looking for an alternative to QuickBooks for functions such as payroll and payment processing? Have you found yourself in a situation wherein your operations have perhaps outgrown the functionality of QuickBooks? Microsoft recently announced the much-anticipated release of Dynamics 365 Business Central – and […]

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Integration to Manufacturing Execution Systems

Among the most highly sought-after benefits of implementing a new ERP system is to gather critical data needed for making business decisions while minimizing the burden of inputting that data. To that end, we are all used to seeing integrations between different software systems that reduce duplication of data entry. Very common examples include uploading […]

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Manufacturing Features of Dynamics GP

  Do I Need the Manufacturing Features of Dynamics GP?  Understanding Dynamics GP Inventory vs. Manufacturing Deciding whether you need the additional Manufacturing functionality in Dynamics GP, over just Inventory, can be difficult.  I asked our in-house Support Team expert, Carla, to help me understand the differences. It was sweet deal – I finally understood […]

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Dynamics 365 Enables 1:1 Communication for Manufacturers

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enables 1 to 1 Customer to Manufacturer Communication with Azure IoT Suite- Remember in your youth (or even seemingly in your office) playing the telephone game, where one person leans in and tells the individual next to them a message and by the time the phrase is repeated down the line to […]

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Small and medium sized manufacturing companies get IT beaten up by competition.

According to more industry interest groups, they are lagged behind in the race to invest in IT solutions and new technology. Some companies are well underway utilizing new IT-technology, and others will follow down the road, some will not. This post is merely about the fact that many manufacturing companies have not "put order in […]

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Modern Manufacturing: Eliminating Costs and Boosting Sales

The manufacturing industry is under constant pressure to increase profits, even when labor and operational costs continue to increase. In order to remain competitive and reach financial goals, many are searching for ways to cut costs without a large financial investment up front. That’s where SMB software steps in. Software for the manufacturing industry has […]

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Why shall I consider a NAVEKSA solution for manufacturing and trade on top of Dynamics NAV? Get some answers here.

In the document link "read more here" below you will find a description of 17 individual business tasks divided into functional areas, including inspiration for using a NAVEKSA solution in production engineering, logistics, warehouse, master planning, production planning and manufacturing execution, quality control and traceability for improved day-to-day operations. With the right tools to manage your trade […]

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Manufacturing ERP Solution

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Manufacturing ERP Solution It’s no secret that enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing tend to be more expensive than ERP solutions for other industries. In manufacturing, organizations tend to face more involved technical integrations and require higher levels of customization to achieve the results desired from an ERP […]

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