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Why shall I consider a NAVEKSA solution for manufacturing and trade on top of Dynamics NAV? Get some answers here.

In the document link "read more here" below you will find a description of 17 individual business tasks divided into functional areas, including inspiration for using a NAVEKSA solution in production engineering, logistics, warehouse, master planning, production planning and manufacturing execution, quality control and traceability for improved day-to-day operations. With the right tools to manage your trade […]

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A Wake-up Call – A Game Changer Is on the Way

I am aware that my writing can elicit a number of different views and opinions. Anyway, I believe I am on the right track in relation to the upcoming software-as-a-service IT-world offering high functional standard solutions at a low cost. As opposite to this new way, it is amazing that nothing has changed in the IT-consultancy […]

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Don’t Get Stuck! Get Dynamics NAV!

As the market continues to place pressure on manufacturers to reduce price and improve quality, businesses need to find and eliminate the inefficiencies within their processes if they want to continue as a going concern. Below is a simple diagram that can point you in the right direction and provide a solution. The hidden manufacturing […]

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The Often Neglected Team Member – Is It Time to Unite Your Workforce?

For those companies who wish for a united workforce, a workforce who will implement the business strategy, achieve competitive advantage and deliver enviable KPI performance, then those companies need to focus their attention on one particular team member who often underperforms. That team member is ERP.  Every other team member relies on the performance of […]

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