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Arming Your Supply Chain with the Right Tools

As interest continues to grow in building a real-time supply chain, many executives are interested in improving analytics capabilities as well.  Creating more accurate forecasts sometimes seems like a moving target because of uncertainty in the economy and with changing customer desires.  However, you can set your sights closer to your supply chain targets with […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Enhanced Features

Now that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is available, the enhanced features clearly show that Microsoft has created a comprehensive business management solution. We’d like to make you aware of several enhancements in this new release that will simplify the user experience and put additional tools at your disposal. Keep in mind, the information below is […]

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Microsoft Dynamics: Managing Different Inventory Rules

Does each inventory item in your warehouse have the same reordering guidelines? For most distributors, the answer is no. Certain items often require different restocking policies based on item type and historical usage. When trying to manage sets of inventory that need to be treated differently, you can either rely on mostly manual tracking or […]

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Improve Month-End Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics

How long does it take to finalize your month-end reports? Are they ready for review on the first of the month? Most likely, they aren’t finished until well into the first week of the following month. Creating the reports can get even more complicated when each area of your business has its own reporting system. […]

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The Agile Supply Chain: Turning Data into Profit

Smart companies realize that successfully maintaining competitive advantage and building customer loyalty will depend mainly on one thing: Agility.  In the new reality, organizations are expected to take action rapidly in response to shifts in consumer expectation, and the opportunity costs of an inflexible supply chain are great. It’s important to incorporate agility into your […]

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Become More Customer-Centric with Business Intelligence

Today, the phrase “it’s all about the customer” has a whole new meaning. The value chain now begins with the buyer instead of the seller. We live in a world where consumers are informed and empowered and a seamless, no-risk buying experience is considered the norm.  In order to meet the demands of this new […]

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What is Business Intelligence?

Two major changes are taking place in the world of business today: the value chain now begins with the buyer, not the seller, and big data keeps getting bigger. In order to stay competitive, companies will have to become more customer-centric in the way they do business, and they must take control of their data […]

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Improve Business Intelligence with a Single Reporting Source

Business Intelligence and analytics are essential for organizations that want to maintain their competitive edge and create a truly customer-centric business. The ability to make better decisions based on real-time visibility across your supply chain will become critical for success. But when different areas of your company are running customized solutions designed for their own […]

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Why You’re Paying Too Much for Business Management Software

How much does it cost to run your business management software?  If your company has multiple systems that don’t work well together, you probably have a lot of unnecessary expenses associated with maintaining these solutions.  For starters, you end up paying multiple vendors for maintenance, upgrades, and training.  When something goes wrong, the vendors point […]

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Microsoft Dynamics: The Grass is Greener in the Cloud

Running multiple disparate systems in your company is not only inefficient, but it isn’t the most environmentally-friendly way to operate either. The technology exists to create a greener, paperless office and reduce your dependence on manual processes and costly hardware. Money and time spent on reams of paper, printers, toner, servers and Excel spreadsheets adds […]

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