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Reports So Cool, They Should Come With a Cape

      Join Crestwood Associates in this fantastic FREE webinar: Reports So Cool, They Should Come With a Cape. With so many reporting options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! In this engaging session, you'll get a tour of many Dynamics GP reporting tools (both financial and non-financial […]

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Take the Pain out of Budgeting while Using Excel

by Mary Schmidt The budgeting process can be complex and, to accomplish what you need, there are several sophisticated budgeting solutions available on the market. A major consideration that is overlooked when assessing these various solutions is the amount of training an end user will ultimately need. This is important to consider when you have […]

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How Do You Know if You’ve Outgrown Using Excel for Accounting

View our free webinars Sign up for WebSan University It’s no surprise that every business somehow uses Excel in their everyday routine. It’s the easiest and the most popular tool to organize your company’s data. But eventually your data starts to outgrow Excel possibilities. Here are 3 signs that your business needs to switch from spreadsheets […]

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Consolidate rows of data in Excel for use with GL copy/paste.

Learn how to consolidate rows of data in Excel for use with GL copy/paste?   “Tell me more…” This is a time-saving method to use copy/paste from spreadsheets that are not in the format required. Since blank lines and lines with $0.00 cannot be included, some spreadsheets require manual effort to put the data into an […]

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Is Forecasting More Important Than Budgeting?

This article focuses on the importance of forecasting.   I’ve written about Forecasting versus Budgeting before, but in the face of the trend of forecasting becoming more impactful and desirable, I wanted to focus on it in the task of planning.  Is it true that forecasting is the most important process for corporate performance management […]

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Real Estate Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics GP

  This article focuses on dashboards for real estate companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP.   Visualization enhances your performance; helps reach your potential, increases focus, boosts confidence, and so much more. Think about your favorite professional athletes. For example, tennis player Serena Williams has practiced visualization techniques. In this case, it makes sense to apply […]

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Media Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics GP

In this article, we’ll explore media dashboard solutions to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics GP data analytics.  As a media organization, whether your focus is television, radio, the internet, or another medium, a comprehensive dashboard tool can substantially help you to achieve disruption, based on real metrics.  Dashboards deliver accessible and business user friendly analytics with […]

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First Time at Reporting Implementation? Tips and Tricks!

In this article, we’ll explore the details of preparing for a financial reporting implementation that is a success. In today’s business world, financial reporting is unavoidable.  Whether you’re working with a homegrown Excel reporting process, a legacy software applications, a third party vendor product, or a native accounting tool reporting feature, every company is relying […]

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Successful KPI and Metric Design for Dynamics GP

This article will discuss the step-by-step best practices for a KPI design project with your Dynamics GP data.  Let’s start by defining KPI.  A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric meant to evaluate what truly matters to the user, typically with actionable results.  Furthermore, a KPI assists in understanding if your organization is on […]

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Creating Microsoft Excel Connections to SQL databases

Microsoft Excel can be a powerful tool to evaluate SQL data.  In Excel, a connection can be created to directly link to a particular database filtered according to your requirements.   This connection must be validated by a SQL login to ensure the contents of your databases remain secure. The connection can be refreshed to update […]

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