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Trending equipment-driven rental projects: covering A-Z needs and multiple industries

The scope that equipment-driven rental companies cover has grown more complex. Consequently, A-Z rental projects are the foundation for equipment rental. Examples include construction projects, advanced crane projects, scaffolding projects. Or combinations that might include elements from different industry sectors. The trend is right in line with a services-based Marketplace. It wants packaged offerings, either […]

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How DynaRent PowerApps can offer great benefits for your customers

Mobility and the cloud are probably the most enduring “breaking news” in technology for all industries. Innovations emerge every day, and there’s no sign of them stopping. For equipment-driven companies focused on rental and services, mobile field service has been an essential for several years. PowerApps also can bring great benefits when you make them […]

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Building and managing complex, equipment-driven rental projects

Companies that execute industrial projects are increasingly turning to rental models for both goods and services. Especially when needed to plan and execute those projects. The trend reflects a global shift. Both consumers and businesses like the flexibility that rental, leasing, and subscription-based options offer. The choose this over the “landlock” of direct and permanent […]

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Modern fleet management with DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations

Fleet management can be daunting for international equipment rental organizations. You may be operating multiple depots across countries and even continents, which makes situating equipment a complex matter. In addition, you’re under continuous pressure to “work out the differences” across diverse locations. This way you can optimize utilization rates, sustain healthy margins across all locations, […]

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Paper-free field service that speeds order to cash cycles

Paper-free field service apps improve more and more. They became incredibly important to equipment-driven rental and leasing companies. Remote field service delivers many benefits, in particular if it helps you harness documentation for planning and execution. If your mobile app equips your remote field staff to a smooth work flow. For example, by receiving, managing, […]

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DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – Unified innovation

We serve a broad range of equipment-driven industries. All of them use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX). Furthermore, our focus is on meeting end-to-end needs. We work within the rental, transport, and services industries. Consequently, we work closely with industry leaders. Our customers’ companies are located all over the […]

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SaaS, hosted or the cloud? Choosing the best solution for your rental company

For anyone who has ever worked with ERP systems, SaaS, hosted and the cloud are familiar terms. But there are many grey areas. That is why it is easy to confuse these terms and why it can be difficult to choose the right solution. So, the cloud, hosted, and SaaS—what does it all mean? What […]

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Streamlining distribution business with cross-platform technological advances

Businesses in the distribution industry are feeling the brunt of fast-paced innovation, that is threatening their very existence if they do not move fast enough in their digital empowerment journey. The legacy systems are getting obsolete at a maddening pace, and new technological advances are rewriting rules of conducting business. There is an order within […]

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It’s a wild world for equipment leasing processes, so “do the right thing right” with configurable workflows

If you’re working with current trends for leasing cars, equipment, and other goods. It is a safe bet that you manage a vast array of equipment leasing processes. Also we can assume you manage documentation across multiple sources and channels. It’s a wild world, with stakeholders that span customers, dealers, third-party networks, government, and more. […]

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How to monitor the spare-parts costs of your equipment before performing maintenance jobs

It is much easier to make decisions when you have the right information at the right time. For example, let’s take a look at the equipment rental and service business. Service management has to decide whether it is worth repairing equipment a piece of equipment or whether to write it off. That decision is easy […]

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