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The Benefits of Single-Stack E-Commerce

Even if your business hasn’t been directly affected by the digital disruption, technological advancements are continuously changing the way you work. Whether it’s effortlessly telecommuting thanks to video chat or easily researching potential purchases online, the digital revolution has changed business as we know it. But even the most revolutionary new digital service can’t truly […]

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What are the biggest differences between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX

From time to time, I face questions from clients about which ERP system to choose: Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics AX. This question has become more topical in the last six months. So I decided to talk to our specialists who have worked with both the products and get more comprehensive information on this […]

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QUEUES are Inevitable – But You Can Learn to Manage Them – At Least Your Own.

  Written for all people interested in the subject, but primarily for people working with manufacturing execution.  Queues (-or waiting lines) in every shade is a strange phenomenon. Whether we are stuck in our car at the motorway, the checkout counter in the supermarket, checking in for a flight, waiting rooms etc. Every time we […]

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Connecting CAD to ERP (Dynamics NAV)

The challenge of making an electronic connection between the CAD and the ERP system, started back in the old days, when among others, IBM introduced solutions for the CIM – Computer Integrated Manufacturing company where the CAD/ERP integration was a part of this. It was never a success and still it is a minor success […]

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A Wake-up Call – A Game Changer Is on the Way

I am aware that my writing can elicit a number of different views and opinions. Anyway, I believe I am on the right track in relation to the upcoming software-as-a-service IT-world offering high functional standard solutions at a low cost. As opposite to this new way, it is amazing that nothing has changed in the IT-consultancy […]

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On-Premises or Cloud-Based ERP: Dynamics NAV Lets You Choose the Model that Fits Your Business

The advent of cloud computing offers numerous advantages for companies that are seeking to simplify their IT footprint. The cloud minimizes infrastructure, as well as reducing maintenance and support costs. But not all organizations are ready to move “all in” to the cloud. Many companies are taking a measured approach. Some companies are concerned about […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Shortcuts and Filters to Increase Your Productivity 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV shortcuts are one quick way you can become more productive.  I once had an unresponsive computer mouse that wouldn't track my cursor movements unless it was moved slowly and painstakingly to where I needed it to be. Although this caused minor delays, I didn't fully understand how much this cost me in terms […]

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Is NAV on the Go! Right for you?

  Nav on the Go! is a turnkey solution that has standardized a template of core functions that meet the needs of a wide range of businesses.  With focus on having a horizontal solution that requires minimal setup, NAV on the Go! is a powerful ERP service.   Growing Production or Company Expansion  If local production […]

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Why NOT a Single Dynamics NAV Database for Multiple Countries?

This blog post is designed to outline and specify to customers why InterDyn BMI advises against a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution strategy based on a single Microsoft Dynamics NAV database modified to contain all localized versions required. Microsoft advises against a centralized single database solution containing multiple country functionality. There are basically two ways of […]

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Focus 2016, August 22-25, 2016, Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, San Diego, CA gives customers ways to share their BI360 stories with their colleagues. Attendees can ask questions and gain valuable insight from colleagues who have experienced the challenges and successes of a BI360 implementation during extended Customer Showcases and Panel Discussions. Then, attendees can […]

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