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Increase Efficiency of Invoice Processing in Dynamics AX

3 Ways to Increase Efficiency of Invoice Processing The invoice approval process is integral to just about every business. It covers multiple departments and purchases of all sizes. Handling invoices correctly is essential to proper accounting and cash flow for your business. If this process is manual - typical of many businesses, it can be […]

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How Can Workflow Enable Success in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Designed to empower your people to be more productive and your systems to last longer, Microsoft Dynamics GP has the ability to scale to accommodate growth while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in the ever-changing world of business.   Microsoft Dynamics GP helps businesses gain greater control over their financials, better manage […]

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Increase Finance Management Efficiency Inside Dynamics AX

Increase Finance Management Efficiency with Invoice Workflow for Dynamics AX With all the technological advances in the world, it’s mind-blowing that so many sizable and impressive companies are bogged down by some of the most pervasive and common problems in their accounts payable department. Problems ranging from inefficient invoice processing, having to collate invoices from […]

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Building and managing complex, equipment-driven rental projects

Companies that execute industrial projects are increasingly turning to rental models for both goods and services. Especially when needed to plan and execute those projects. The trend reflects a global shift. Both consumers and businesses like the flexibility that rental, leasing, and subscription-based options offer. The choose this over the “landlock” of direct and permanent […]

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How Can Microsoft Dynamics GP Enable Better Business Functionality?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to empower your people to be more productive and your systems to last longer, with the ability to scale to accommodate growth while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in the ever-changing world of business.   Workflow condition management New options are available for automatically processing workflows when […]

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Should you do price comparison’s or stick to one partner?

I was recently discussing one of our solutions with an end user when they asked me to recommend a reseller. This end user did not yet own Dynamics GP and was unfamiliar with the Dynamics channel. When I gave them the name of one reseller in their area who was very experienced with our solutions, […]

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Modern fleet management with DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations

Fleet management can be daunting for international equipment rental organizations. You may be operating multiple depots across countries and even continents, which makes situating equipment a complex matter. In addition, you’re under continuous pressure to “work out the differences” across diverse locations. This way you can optimize utilization rates, sustain healthy margins across all locations, […]

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Dynamics Lifecycle Services for DynaRent: Future-facing, 360° flexibility

Harnessing 21st century technology has become essential for any industry today. This is especially true for companies that deal with equipment and rental, services, and transport. Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have transformed both customer expectations and your ability to profitably manage any scenario. DynaRent can handle everything from straightforward manual tool […]

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Integration to Manufacturing Execution Systems

Among the most highly sought-after benefits of implementing a new ERP system is to gather critical data needed for making business decisions while minimizing the burden of inputting that data. To that end, we are all used to seeing integrations between different software systems that reduce duplication of data entry. Very common examples include uploading […]

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Helping Clients Do Their Part in Optimizing ERP Systems

Helping Clients Optimize Their ERP System The best software and service partner cannot deliver and optimize an ERP system without the client doing their part. Columbus holds our clients accountable and assists them in maturing their solutions.   The ERP solution must be fully understood and supported at the highest levels of the client organization. […]

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