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A Wake-up Call – A Game Changer Is on the Way

I am aware that my writing can elicit a number of different views and opinions. Anyway, I believe I am on the right track in relation to the upcoming software-as-a-service IT-world offering high functional standard solutions at a low cost. As opposite to this new way, it is amazing that nothing has changed in the IT-consultancy […]

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Microsoft Convergence 2012: What Else Can Your Dynamics Solution Do?

For those of you who are already running Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, AX or CRM, do you know if you’re getting the most out of your investment? That’s precisely why you should attend Convergence this year, because it’s the best place to learn the whole story about your Microsoft Dynamics solution. All organizations change and […]

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Top Three Reasons to Leverage the Cloud

Unfortunately, most people wait until something bad happens before they start seriously considering a change to their business management system. For example, did it take your IT staff two months to upgrade your accounting software? Or maybe a brief power outage stopped production in your company for almost two days. Maybe you discovered that your outdated […]

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License Model Transition for Your Microsoft Dynamics GP

Attention Microsoft Dynamics GP users who are currently on Module Based Licensing (your organization has GP Standard or GP Professional users) – Do you want to increase the functionality of your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution? If so, you’ll want to read on and learn how your organization can take advantage of a great offer when […]

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Microsoft Ups The Ante With New Buy 1, Get 3 Offer

The good ol’ BOGO (Buy one, get one free) offer has been applied to everything from shoes to cars.  But until June 24th 2011 Microsoft has decided to one-up that offer with a Buy 1, Get 2 free on new Microsoft Dynamics GP Licenses. That’s right - if you’ve never owned Microsoft Dynamics GP in […]

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Considering Microsoft Dynamics GP? Now’s the Perfect Time! Microsoft Offers Buy One, Get Three Licenses

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your existing back office system.   Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right time to migrate to a solution with greater functionality.  Could be you’re really sick of paying exorbitant maintenance fees.  - Regardless of your reason there has never been a better time to purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft just announced the […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP: All the Functionality – 1/3 of the Investment

If you’re looking for an ERP or business management solution that empowers your people with familiar software, fits with the systems you already use, drives business productivity, and enables confident decision making, Microsoft Dynamics GP is the solution you’ve been looking for. Now is the time to experience the full functionality of a comprehensive business […]

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