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Business Process Automation for Your ERP System

  Video Transcription: It all started with an idea, and a desire to operate a business under a set of core values: competency, quality, community, honesty, work/life balance, reputation and rewards. Founded in 2007, Dynavistics began in a small bedroom with an aspiration for providing breakthrough software and services to increase clients’ effectiveness, efficiency and […]

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How Much Does Dynamics AX Cost?

One of the top questions we hear from businesses evaluating new ERP software is how much does Dynamics AX cost? Breaking down the cost of Dynamics AX software The software cost of Dynamics AX itself is pretty simple to explain: There's a server component There are licenses for named users   There are a few different license types for named users in […]

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VIDEO: How Project-based Company Overcame Fear of a New ERP System

Maybe you have outgrown QuickBooks or another entry-level software and you know you need to upgrade to a real ERP system. But what is the process like? How does one overcome any apprehension about switching? One project-based multi-location company needing project accounting software, Hydro Resources, wanted to make sure their new-system partner really listened to their needs. […]

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Back to ERP Basics with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your business probably started small, but with hard work and dedication you grew it to where it is today. When you get to the point where your existing systems start to impede your growth potential, that’s the time to take the next steps. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you gain greater control over your financials, […]

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VIDEO: Top 4 Ways an Accounting Software Partner Should Help You

Software is not your only consideration when selecting a new ERP, financial management, and/or project accounting system. It’s also important to choose a proven software and technology partner. A good partner has experienced, readily available support personnel on their Help Desk. Their staff has expertise that can deliver you a successful implementation, custom development and […]

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DynamicPoint’s Integration with Projects and Jobs | New Video!

 In our latest video, we highlight the ability for our SharePoint applications to integrate seamlessly with various Dynamics add-on modules. With DynamicPoint you get the expertise of Business Automation in Expense, Requisition and Invoice Automation coupled with the knowledge of just how Dynamics works based on our exclusive integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP & NAV. Our team […]

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Expense Management for External Users

Does your organization have situations where people submit expense reports to obtain reimbursement but are not employees within the company itself?  At DynamicPoint, we have seen this situation come up in the case of volunteers, vendors, partners or other supporting staff that are incurring business expenses on a company’s behalf. Read more about how DynamicPoint's Expense Management application enables external users to access […]

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Business Intelligence and Analytics Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

All organizations, no matter their size, need to understand what’s going on with their business data in order to get an accurate picture of how the company is performing. The reporting features you get from Microsoft Dynamics aren't just for large enterprises – they are tools that allow employees of any size business to connect […]

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Automate Your Billable Expenses with DynamicPoint

For many businesses, racking up charges on behalf of a customer is a necessary evil. The key (and likely hardest part of the whole process) is to keep track of of what charges go with which customer. You then - hopefully - pass on all those charges to your customer as billable expenses.  In our latest video, […]

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Different Battle, Different Lightsaber … Inventory in Dynamics GP

Click to View the Video--the Inventory Management Force!   Once you immerse yourself in the functionality of an enterprise software product like Microsoft Dynamics® GP, the process and ways of thinking of this system become second nature.  We may develop a spiritual connection to the way of this software package ... and will allow these […]

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