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Staying Sane and Warm: A Guide to Online Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping Has Never Been Easier Bells will be ringing, and so will the registers! The holiday season is among us. This is the busiest time of year for retailers. People are increasingly turning to online sources for their holiday shopping needs, rather than just flocking to the closest mega-mall. And why wouldn’t they? There […]

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Infographic: Gaining the ERP Edge

What are the productivity benefits of using ERP software? What results have organizations seen versus companies not using an effective ERP system? How can you maximize the value of ERP software? IDC research teamed up with Microsoft to provide these answers in a nice infographic. Productivity Benefits of ERP: Build Business Success Work more productively: […]

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Check Requests – Don’t Let Paper Take Over Your Life!

We are back this week with another infographic! This time, we show just how much the average company spends when they manually process check requests. Gone are the times when your AP department is up to their necks in paper and taking weeks to get vendors paid. Start saving time and money today by automating your check […]

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Expense Management for External Users

Does your organization have situations where people submit expense reports to obtain reimbursement but are not employees within the company itself?  At DynamicPoint, we have seen this situation come up in the case of volunteers, vendors, partners or other supporting staff that are incurring business expenses on a company’s behalf. Read more about how DynamicPoint's Expense Management application enables external users to access […]

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Tips for Cutting Travel & Entertainment Expenses

The practice of doing more with less is ideal for all businesses, especially when it comes to business travel expenses. However, the knee-jerk reaction to cut business travel altogether is something I warn against. Such a drastic move would likely be a greater negative impact on your company’s revenue than the corresponding cost savings.  Keep this in mind - every dollar […]

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Tips for Year-End Closing in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Year-end closing is upon us and the first payroll of 2016 is right around the corner. DFC Consultants’ HR and payroll specialist prepared a list of tips and tricks for closing out your 2015 year. Don’t update your tax tables until all of 2015 payroll is completed. Once you create your year-end wage report (which […]

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How To Avoid Common ERP Implementation Failures

ERP project implementation commonly results in failure. This is painful to hear, because most issues that occur during implementation are completely avoidable. Are you contributing to ERP project pains? Implementing an ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, should always result in success. By securing the right budget, identifying critical requirements up front, understanding your […]

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Three Dangerous Assumptions Of Cloud Computing

New technological concepts often hit us like tidal waves, with overwhelming amounts of education, information and opinions to absorb. Like mobile computing, the Internet of Things and 3D printing, “the cloud” seems to be no exception. We struggle to digest all of the information that comes flying at us, and in the process we make […]

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The Path to Success with ERP Software

  Choosing and implementing ERP Software can seem overwhelming and stressful. We've boiled down the path to ERP Software success to a few steps that will simplify the way you look at the ERP software selection process.   Ask colleagues what ERP software they use and why they like and dislike it. Gaining that valuable […]

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Infographic: 7 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to the Cloud

Trying to plan out the future of your company and facing some big decisions? With all the buzz surrounding cloud these days, we thought we’d put together a few of our top reasons why cloud is the way to go!

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