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Equipment sale and leaseback options in DynaRent

An equipment sale leaseback, often called an equipment sale and leaseback, is a financial transaction and contract. An equipment company sells equipment that it currently owns to an investor (lessor). And immediately leases (rents) the equipment or machinery back for the contract duration . The equipment rental company (lessee) continues to use the equipment and machinery […]

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ASC 606 – There’s still time for a smooth transition! – WEBINAR

If you're like many companies out there, you've kept an eye on ASC 606, but have been procrastinating on making the necessary changes. But, now, with the deadline looming right around the corner, that unease may be creeping in. Don't panic yet! It's not too late for a smooth transition! This FASB / IFRS compliance change […]

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Multi-Store Retail Grocer Empowered With Company Consolidations with Drill-Down Reporting

A retail store that manages several locations needed a new solution that could bring them timely financial information and could easily track inventory for every store. They were also asking for reporting to quickly access complete information, without having to pay their CPA fees. During their search for a new solution, they learned Microsoft Dynamics […]

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Disaster Recovery – Is Your Business Protected From Cyber-Criminals?

Is your business protected from cyber-criminals?   Do you have a security and disaster recovery plan?   In the first three months of 2016, cyber-criminals collected $209 million in ransomware by extorting businesses to unlock servers and release their data. *   Do you sleep at night knowing you have sufficient protection from these hackers? […]

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Streamline Franchise Operations with Centralized Financial Management System

Accounting processes become more challenging with each additional franchise location or entity. The amount of time spent on invoices, purchasing and other accounting processes increases, which wastes valuable time and money. Redundant data entry also puts data at risk for mistakes, which can lead to poor decision-making and halt growth in its tracks. How do […]

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Microsoft’s PowerBI

Microsoft’s PowerBI is a powerful reporting tool that turns your company data into rich visuals and interactive reports. The free download (yesFREE!) of PowerBI continues to impress. The September monthly release includes a new analytics feature that compares one data point to the data point before it and explains the increase or decrease. In this […]

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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Multi-Entity Management – New Entity Setup Wizard

Did you know... MEM has a New Entity Setup Wizard to help you create and configure a new entity for MEM. The wizard simplifies the entity configuration process by providing step-by-step windows to ensure that you do not miss information. If you decide to skip a step in the wizard you can manually edit the […]

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Trending equipment-driven rental projects: covering A-Z needs and multiple industries

The scope that equipment-driven rental companies cover has grown more complex. Consequently, A-Z rental projects are the foundation for equipment rental. Examples include construction projects, advanced crane projects, scaffolding projects. Or combinations that might include elements from different industry sectors. The trend is right in line with a services-based Marketplace. It wants packaged offerings, either […]

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Avoid checks getting stuck in printers during humid weather

 -with Heather Maneiro   During the time of year when the humidity is higher than usual (varies by location)... paper starts to get stuck in the printers. We just had some huge batches of checks get stuck at two of different customer locations the other day. (of course it never happens when it is just […]

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How DynaRent PowerApps can offer great benefits for your customers

Mobility and the cloud are probably the most enduring “breaking news” in technology for all industries. Innovations emerge every day, and there’s no sign of them stopping. For equipment-driven companies focused on rental and services, mobile field service has been an essential for several years. PowerApps also can bring great benefits when you make them […]

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