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How to avoid ERP project failures before they happen

ERP implementation projects are complicated, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But even so, why do so many software implementation projects fail? At Pipol, we have deep experience with recovery of projects. And we’ve learned a lot along the way. We see ourselves not as “experts in failure” but experts in redeeming projects that have been […]

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How Warehouses Squeeze More Horsepower from Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that’s become a mainstay for many industries, especially warehousing. This robust software solution comes with several built-in features to support streamlined and efficient warehouse management. But in order to make the most of this software and improve daily operations within the warehouse, there are certain […]

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Top 10 Reasons Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

I was cleaning out my closet the other day and came across a box of 3.5 floppy disks and thought to myself, flashback! It’s a good thing technology has changed and we now have the Cloud. If you have heard of the Cloud, but still don’t know what it is; simply put, it’s a delivery […]

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5 Questions to Ask About Going Global with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Many of our clients ask about the global readiness of Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. They want to know if it can truly span multiple geographies and how difficult it is to implement in more than one country.  Finally, they want examples of companies that have gone global to better understand the capabilities and success factors.  […]

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Integrated Electronic Payment Processing, Management and Supplier Onboarding for Microsoft Dynamics GP Clients now offered through ACOM Solutions and Mekorma Partnership

LONG BEACH, Calif., April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ACOM Solutions, pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Mekorma, Inc. The companies will collaborate on the direct integration of ACOM's ePayables cloud-based electronic payment platform with Mekorma's MICR and Multi-Batch Management payment solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The Mekorma branded solution will provide Mekorma clients expanded […]

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Setting up Dynamics GP EFT for Payables

We are often asked to assist with setting up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments in Dynamics GP. Processing EFT payments rather than cheques will save time and it can be implemented very quickly. Once set up, the processing of EFT payments is almost the same as processing cheques in the system so your GP users […]

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4 Signs Your Manufacturing Business Needs a Configurator

A manufacturing business can always benefit from bridging sales, production and engineering so that a number of criteria can be met – which options are available for parts, which options may work with other options, which options may include other sub-options and the costs of these varying options. Through the use of a configurator, the […]

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How to manage all your documents efficiently as a growing company

When a company is growing, it will initially hire more people in the front end to sell its products, as well as more people for the back office to process all the requests, documents and to make sure that the company can deliver the products or services to the customer. But while a company is […]

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Robotic Process Automation for Manufacturing

Like so many other fields, the field of manufacturing is filled with data. How your company manages that data (and affords to manage that data) is essential to operational efficiency and accuracy. For manufacturing companies that are still managing data manually, it's very likely that you're missing out on important business information that could help […]

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Webinar: When & How to Upgrade from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

If you’re a Dynamics AX user, you likely wonder when and how to upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. What will you gain? Should you start soon or are you better off waiting? What are the support deadlines? What’s the best way to do it? If you have any of these ambiguous feelings […]

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