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A 5-Step Approach to ERP Selection and Implementation

Getting ERP purchase and implementation right is critical to your company’s success. That statement is not at all an exaggeration. Getting it wrong can truly have disastrous effects, financially and on the long-term vitality of your business. Having said that, it is both possible and quite common to successfully implement a new ERP system, if […]

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to File Cabinets

Where have all the file cabinets gone? There must be an enormous garbage dump somewhere on the planet overflowing with rusty file cabinets. The best part is, get ready to add yours to the heap!   History is littered with anachronistic tools, devices, and products. Think about the last time you saw a vinyl record, […]

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The Internet of Things is revolutionizing fleet management. This is how

For some years now, mobile devices and applications have been developed to create the Internet of Things (IoT). As long as a device has connectivity to the internet, it is possible to use it anywhere in the world. Data is no longer stored on local servers, but rather in the Cloud. As a result, everyone can […]

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5 Steps to a GDPR-Ready Web Store

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect May 25th, 2018. The regulation aims to give EU residents greater access to and control over their data online, and compliance is mandatory not just for businesses in the EU, but anyone doing business with or exporting data from the EU. This means that […]

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Evaluation Checklist Provides Analytical Method for Choosing the Right ERP System

ERP selection has long-term effects on your business. Choosing the right system can be confusing when they offer many of the same competitive features. The needs of a small business are not identical to a mid-sized one, and neither would have the same needs as a large enterprise. Moreover, choosing between on-premises and cloud ERP […]

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You Can’t Spell Entrepreneur without ERP

The terms entrepreneur and enterprise both derive from the same French verb “entrependre,” meaning “to undertake, seize.”   A go-to-market strategy for any innovative business involves making choices about which customers to target, what technologies to apply, what their organizational identity will be, and how to position the company against its competitors. This is obviously […]

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Paperless AP for Microsoft Dynamics – Why Are You Hesitating?

If you were facing a deeply philosophical question like whether to choose “love or money,” I would understand your hesitation. But let’s be realistic. We’re just talking about paperless AP! There are 10 good reasons to go paperless. And not a single reason I can think of not to. So why exactly are you hesitating? […]

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Discover how to gain a competitive advantage through servitization

Servitization: Service as a business model Servitization is the process by which serving a client is becoming more and more important. Put simply, it involves smart services that change from costs to revenue. Often, data is the basis of these services. With this revenue model, the customer value shifts from profits from physical products to […]

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OmniPay: A Leading Payment Processing Tool for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Harnessing customer data and turning those relationships into revenue has never been easier with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and OmniPay by JourneyTEAM. OmniPay is an intuitive, versatile, and secure payment solution for Dynamics 365 and one of the most trusted in the marketplace. It’s free, so why not take advantage of everything the system […]

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5 Ways Manufacturers Benefit from Dynamics ERP

Successful manufacturers today care about integrated digital and physical visibility, increased efficiency, additional flexibility, and lower costs. They want to connect equipment and factories, leveraging data from the factory floor to the customer call center to improve every aspect of their operations. ERP Software Market Report, published by Allied Market Research, forecasts that the global […]

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