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Dynamics 365 Enterprise Cloud vs. Self Hosted

We are constantly questioned about why businesses should migrate or make the move to Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Operations and Finance in the Microsoft Azure Cloud rather than purchasing the software out-right and hosting in-house or through another hosting provider.  I can understand why owners and decision makers are asking these questions, since implementing a […]

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How to improve your venue and event rental workflow quick and easy

The venue and/or event rental business revolves around the effective and efficient management. Not only equipment or spaces but also tools, materials, services, and people. Concepts like CRM, contract management, inventory and availability, planning, execution, billing, and ledger integration need to be perfectly streamlined. As a result you can be successful in the volatile venue […]

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The Cost of a Mispick: Improve the Bottom Line by Reducing Errors

When a customer receives a shipment, they expect everything to be in order about their order. Consumers anticipate that their deliveries will contain all the items they ordered, in the right color, size, amount, etc. They expect that their orders will arrive on time and free of damage, and that the deliveries will also include […]

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Top Ten ERP Posts for 2017

Last year came and went in a blur of activity, and here at the ERP Software Blog, our members have been busier than ever providing advice and opinions to educate consumers about Microsoft ERP products. Here are the top ten ERP posts that attracted the most attention in 2017. Why not take a second look. […]

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ERP Batch Planning for the Meat Industry

Ensure profitability: produce consistent and accurate batches. ColumbusFood’s batch planning enables meat and poultry businesses to improve yields. The importance of ERP in the meat and poultry processing industry is undeniable. It is responsible for improved efficiency, predictability, and meeting the evolving customer demands. ColumbusFood enables meat and poultry businesses to optimize their processes to […]

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How can Microsoft Dynamics SL Multi-Company track companies easier in 2018?

You and your employees both have a desire to grow your business. In order to reach this goal, you need innovative solutions to evolving problems. Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers long-term value with a solution that is easy to adapt and connect with independent software vendors (ISV’s), other line-of-business applications, and the Microsoft technology that you […]

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How to profit even more from your online presence

Our online presence is becoming more and more incorporated into the way we do business. Rental companies too are increasingly seeing the benefits of conducting business online. And of course, every company has a website nowadays and is used to emailing clients. But the internet brings even more benefits. There are fascinating trends emerging in […]

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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud: Enhances patient care; HIPPA compliant.

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud:  While cloud computing is boosting efficiencies within organizations worldwide, the platform is also front-and-center in "revolutionizing healthcare," according to a HuffPost overview. "Healthcare regulations are pushing the industry to move towards better storage, collaboration and data sharing in the cloud. With electronic medical records (EMR systems), there are chances of data loss […]

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How to perfect your warehouse management with DynaRent

Are you unable to find your rental equipment in your warehouse, or are you unsure how to organize your deliveries and returns? The pressure is high and the demand of customers even higher. Furthermore it can be difficult to keep up with quickly changing requirements. DynaRent provides the setup and functionalities to make those problems […]

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25 ERP Software Blog Members Honored as Bob Scott’s Insights VAR Stars 2017

  Bob Scott is recognized as an expert in the mid-market financial software community. He has covered this market for more than 25 years through print and electronic publications. Each year since 2009 he has published his Bob Scott’s Insights’ VAR Stars list of resellers of mid-market accounting software. Each year we have been happy […]

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