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Effective Business Analytics In or Out of the Cloud

Business analytics and the cloud typically are seen as two naturally compatible offerings—and for good reason. Business analytics runs on massive and inexpensive computing that is optimized to process and make sense of huge volumes of unstructured data, and is accessible to a large number of users. However, not all users of business analytics are […]

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How Can Microsoft Dynamics SL Make Financial Management Easier?

Are you getting the answers you need about financial performance? Microsoft Dynamics SL software gives your people the tools they need to connect and manage your entire business, from financial to operations, with the insight you need to make smart decisions. Customizable views and forecasting tools enable you and your team to control, predict, and […]

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How to Find the Best Partner for Dynamics AX Support

In order to find the best partner for Dynamics AX support, there are two main things to consider. 1. Does your partner's support team have a dedicated, capable and purposely well-rounded roster? More specifically: Does your partner supply support with functional, technical and development resources? Are you only able to access the newbies, or are […]

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Dynamics AX 2012 Doesn’t Require Azure Costs – So Should We Stick or Move?

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is working well for your company and you have already invested a lot of time and money to get it just the way you like it.  System performance is fine and you already own all of the servers and related hardware necessary.  Should you move to the new Dynamics AX […]

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Managing Risks and Issues on Your ERP Project

Every project worth doing has risk. And every ERP project that consumes resources, time, money and attention will inevitably have a long list of risks that need to be managed, or at the very least monitored. Sometimes you hear people use the terms Risk and Issue interchangeably as if they were describing the same thing. In […]

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Nine Great New Features Available in Key2Act MobileTech R5.0

Key2Act has released MobileTech R5.0 with a long list of new features and functionality that will help technicians do their job better and more efficiently. This new release is compatible with Key2Act Signature 2016 and backwards compatible with Signature 2015 R2 SP1 and Signature 2016 R3 SP3. This release is offering technicians more control and […]

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Top Three New Features in Key2Act Signature 2016

The release you’ve been waiting for is here. Get a better look at the new features and functionality available in Key2Act’s latest version – Key2Act Signature 2016. This version is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and 2015. Here are the top three new features that we’re most excited about.   Added source tracking […]

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Tips for Improving ERP User Adoption

Here are just a few of the top reasons an ERP project may be perceived as a failure, or fail to produce desired results: Insufficient end user training Users resisting change Failure to engage business stakeholders and system users, resulting in poor design These seem like easy things to address, but are very often challenging […]

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Hidden Benefits of Dynamics ERP SOX Compliance in the Cloud

Maximize ROI on your cloud based Dynamics ERP with SOX compliance support, even if you’re not publicly traded and never plan to go public. The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 requires public businesses to comply with a set of guidelines regarding financial data.  These guidelines protect the markets and investors against risk of fraud, data errors and […]

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Gain Insight into Your Business Through a Weekly Scorecard

I grew up playing a lot of basketball and wanting to coach basketball someday. One of the keys to being a good basketball coach is the ability to make adjustments in a game. A weekly scorecard helps you do just that. If the opposing team switches from man-to-man defense to a zone, you have to […]

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