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White Paper Reveals 15 Red Flags That You Accounting Software Is Hurting Your Business

There is no official business handbook to tell you when your accounting software has outlived its usefulness. It is far too easy to fall into a rut with entry or legacy software that is ill-equipped to handle your organization’s growth and changes. If it takes you too long to realize this, your organization can suffer. […]

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Best Practices for AEC Project Estimating and Risk Management

In the highly competitive AEC marketplace, knowing and anticipating a project’s expenses correctly provides a definite advantage when competing for a contract. But, even in the best of circumstances, cost estimating is complicated and there are myriad risks and uncertainties to consider. Delivering high-quality cost estimates depends heavily on the quality of data, for example, historical […]

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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Dynamics ERP Solution

Why Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution? In the Enterprise Planning (ERP) world, we often explain that implementing your solution is like building a house - start with a strong foundation, add options, etc. If that were the case, ERP upgrades might correspond to adding higher efficiency windows or appliances, installing infrastructure for “smart home” […]

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Les 7 rapports essentiels à la gestion de votre entreprise de projets avec Microsoft Dynamics GP : #7 – Rentabilité par département/secteur

Le concept d’équipes pluridisciplinaires et la façon de mesurer les résultats par département sont des sujets d’actualité dans l’industrie des services professionnels. L’avantage d’avoir ce type de structure dans une entreprise est qu’il vous permet d’utiliser des ressources hautement spécialisées dans plusieurs différents projets. C’est la raison pour laquelle nous avons décidé d’inclure le rapport […]

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The 7 Essential Reports to Managing Your Project-Based Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP: #7 – Profitability by Department/Sector

The concept of cross-disciplinary teams and how to measure the results by department is the hot topic in the professional services industry. The advantage of having this type of structure within an organization is that it allows you to have highly specialized resources that could be utilized on a variety of different projects. That is […]

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Les 7 rapports essentiels à la gestion de votre entreprise de projets avec Microsoft Dynamics GP : #6 – Utilisation par ressource

Dans l’industrie des services professionnels, ce sont vos ressources qui permettent à vos opérations de progresser. Pour que votre entreprise atteigne le plus haut niveau de son efficacité, il est important de surveiller de près les niveaux d’utilisation de vos ressources. Avec une meilleure compréhension des besoins actuels et futurs de votre entreprise, non seulement […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud – Customer Success

The Park Danforth’s YourCloud Success Story The Park Danforth’s needs exceeded their current infrastructure capacity. Instead of investing in more infrastructure and the necessary IT support and monitoring costs that go along with purchasing an additional server, The Park Danforth decided to move their on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP solution to the Tidestone Solutions cloud hosting […]

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6 Qualities That Make a Good Project Manager

As my esteemed colleague noted in an earlier blog on Project Management, it takes a special kind of person to want to step up or into a role that has potential for high stress. But there are those of us who do want to see a project come to fruition and be able to “take it […]

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YourCloud Conference Call by Tidestone Solutions

YourCloud Promotion! For a limited time only, Tidestone Solutions is offering FREE UPGRADES for the life of a new YourCloud contract! This offer is valid until April 15, 2015. Not only will a cloud hosting solution enable your business to save on infrastructure costs, including IT overhead, data back up and redundancy, power, network hardware and monitoring equipment, but […]

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The 7 Essential Reports to Managing Your Project-Based Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP: #6 – Utilization by Resource

In the professional services industry, what makes your operations move forward are your resources. In order to ensure that your organization is working at its highest level of efficiency, it is important to closely monitor your resource's utilization levels. By having a better understanding of your organization’s current and future needs, this will not only […]

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