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Dynamics ERP for Manufacturing

3 Critical Questions to Ask About Barcode Technology

From warehouses to retail stores, and even on our smartphones, we are surrounded by barcode technology. Scanning items is so commonplace that we often take this convenience for granted. This technology offers incredible benefits to businesses; however, not all barcode systems are the same. Scanning items in the warehouse, for example, is only beneficial when […]

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Stoneridge Software Releases Expense Reporting Integration to Dynamics 365 on Microsoft AppSource

  No one would argue the fact that expense reports are a drag. But, if you’re a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user and Expensify devotee, your work week just got a whole lot easier. Stoneridge Software has released Expensify for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver more efficient processes and decrease time spent on month-end. Expensify for Dynamics […]

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Cloud-based CPM Rules Now and the Future

This article will focus on where the business world is now while embracing Cloud-Based CPM as the norm. No matter how tech savvy you are, I think we can all agree that the cloud is becoming the new normal in regards to hosting apps, files, and networks. You may not understand all of the details, […]

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Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency

View our free webinars Sign up for WebSan University Take our FREE ERP Assessment With increasing demand for manufacturing firms to provide quality and efficient service, ERP software implementation can help a company stand out from its competitors by providing them with the resources to maximize their operational efficiency. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, manufacturing companies […]

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Minimizing the Costs of Your Manufacturing ERP Projects

Manufacturing ERP project costs tend to rise quickly as you move toward implementation. For CFOs, this creates dilemmas in budgeting for these projects. The challenge typically comes back to finding ways to curtail costs before the process moves too far. Taking the time to plan and scope your projects up front can yield significant benefits […]

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DynaRent helps you manage aerial work platform equipment, projects, collaborations, resources and more

Equipment companies focused on renting, selling, or providing services for aerial work platforms know that expert lifecycle maintenance is critical for expensive and diverse inventory. Transport needs are just as complex and often include fleet management, with multi-national companies sharing fleets across worldwide depots. Aerial work platform companies also collaborate with construction or building services […]

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A Practical Perspective on Data Migration – Dynamics 365 for Operations

“You’re supposed to migrate two years of history, right?” That’s the question I always get, regarding data migration, from bewildered IT managers at the beginning of an implementation. The last thing they want is the dreaded “consulting” answer of “It depends…” But if there’s ever been a truer answer, I don’t know it. There are […]

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Integrating the CAD/PDM/PLM system into the Business system

    Subtitle: The story of the missing link - Connecting CAD to the Business system. The challenge of making an electronic connection between the CAD and the Business system (ERP), started back some 30 years ago, when among other, IBM introduced solutions for the CIM factory – Computer Integrated Manufacturing. In this concept the CAD/Business system integration […]

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Minimizing cloud-computing risk with tough security tools and resources

Given recent, widely published application and data breaches at well-known companies, worries about cloud and general IT security are not likely to diminish anytime soon. As is the case in other areas, cloud security, too, is subject to misconceptions. For example, surveys have noted that the multi-tenant cloud, where companies have limited control over their […]

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Five Helpful Facts about MRP

MRP and Operations Management Manufacturing is returning to North America in a number of important ways and sometimes in new industries. In the new economy that has emerged following the Great Recession, there is a new structure to how manufacturing is being done, including reaching out across oceans and borders to find new suppliers and […]

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