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Why Integrated ERP and CRM Systems Are Key to SMB Growth

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of ERP and CRM systems and what they can do for your business. But, did you know, that’s only half the story? If you’re using ERP and CRM systems that are separate from one another to run your business, you are making your job much more difficult […]

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The Differences in Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Today I am talking about the Microsoft Dynamics product family and the differences between the product lines. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics separates products by adding an abbreviation after the word Dynamics.  Today I'm going to explain what that means and talk about the differences at a high level between these different products. There are five products […]

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PLATFORM EXCLUSIVE – Subscription Billing for Dynamics NAV Handles ASC 606

Binary Stream has Subscription Billing for Dynamics NAV!   Learn about the great features of our Subscription Billing solution for Dynamics NAV:   Order-to-Cash for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Subscription Billing can be easily extended to cover the entire quote-to-cash process. Our solution seamlessly pulls the relevant customer contract details into Dynamics ERP. It also makes […]

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Microsoft Dynamics: GP versus NAV

Hello, everyone.  John Stucky with TrinSoft.  Today I am talking about Microsoft Dynamics software and I am comparing the differences between their two most popular Dynamics products – Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV. Since both of these solutions were tailored for the mid-market and there’s a lot of overlap in their functionality, how does a […]

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The Differences Between Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP & NAV

Today I'm comparing the differences between products in the Microsoft Dynamics product line. Specifically, we're looking at the differences between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics NAV because these three offer the most common feature set and overlap, and we get the most questions to help differentiate those when organizations are trying to determine which […]

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Why Does Microsoft Dynamics GP Enable Better Audit Trails and Capture More Data than QuickBooks?

For companies moving from QuickBooks, we offer a proven process, refined by many QuickBooks customers who have made the change to Microsoft Dynamics GP. When you choose Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can focus on growing your business, rather than on the technology supporting it. Everything you need – your operating system, database, personal productivity tools, […]

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One Year After Moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 – Where are We Now

It’s been a year since I wrote the post “My 30-day experiment: Can I Run My Small Business on Dynamics 365?”. “My small business, Briware Solutions, has been using Microsoft Dynamics GP for the last 4 years or so. I wanted to know: would I be just as happy using Dynamics 365? So I started […]

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Dynamics 365 Enterprise Cloud vs. Self Hosted

We are constantly questioned about why businesses should migrate or make the move to Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Operations and Finance in the Microsoft Azure Cloud rather than purchasing the software out-right and hosting in-house or through another hosting provider.  I can understand why owners and decision makers are asking these questions, since implementing a […]

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The Top 5 Traditional Accounts Payable (AP) Pains When You Use Your ERP Alone

Most finance professionals know that manual accounts payable (AP) processes are plagued with problems. However, many of the business people that we speak with have a hard time articulating what it is about their AP process that’s so challenging, and what are the worst of the problems they face. They are used to their process using […]

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Inventory and Supply Chain: Speaking the Language

If your business relies on inventory and supply chain management, you know that these processes have a language all their own. Mastering that language, understanding its terms, is crucial to your success. It’s important for new hires as well as seasoned employees to know exactly what they’re talking about. We came across an article posted […]

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