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Equipment-driven rental & service industry – The data driven shift

The big shift for equipment-driven industries: how new technology trends are fueling data-driven customer value creation Are you working in the rental and services industries for equipment, machinery, vehicles and tools? Then you’re likely swarmed by information about current and future IT trends. The buzz includes Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything […]

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Efficient Graphical Transport Management in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Whether you’re transporting customer, third-party, or your own equipment, your drivers depend on real-time, complete requirements and navigations that transfer directly from your back office and depot to their mobile devices. DynaRent graphical Transport Management in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations enables you to smoothly organize transport planning and scheduling with graphical dashboards, then […]

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Increase your employees’ efficiency using tailored Dynamics 365 analytical workspaces for rental and services

Image 1: An overview of the standard roles that come with Dynamics 365 The tailored workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations are one of the most powerful additions in this version of Microsoft Dynamics. Often, people compare them to the previous role centers that where available in the previous version. However, these new […]

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Boost your rental system implementation with great employee attitudes

A equipment, rental and service system implementation can be difficult enough. Besides the technical challenges, everyone has to adjust to the changes. It’s vital to the process that all your employees are positive and supportive. But how do you create an environment where positive attitudes can flourish? Of course, it’s naïve to think that it […]

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The new rental system. How can you help employees transition faster?

You have discovered that your rental company needs to change to keep up with the digital innovations. You’ve done a lot of research and decided which rental solution to implement. Of course, you’ve included your employees in your research and decision-making. Most of your employees are behind your decision. You have made sure they are […]

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How DynaRent Business Objects Centralize Equipment Rental and Service in Dynamics AX

Equipment rental and service companies deal with a complicated array of equipment and parts that you own and rent to customers. Then there’s the equipment and parts that you own for internal use, or that fall into sub-owned or sub-rented categories for rental and internal use. The list goes on and when you “explode” it there are many processes and documentation for equipment lifecycle management, involving suppliers, […]

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Providing the best cross- and upselling tools to your rental department

How do you make revenu in the rental industry? One of the most important and well-known areas is cross- and upselling. For example, consider the car rental industry. When you rent a car, they always offer you extra insurance, fuel options, and more. These are the areas where a rental company can add to their […]

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What Are the Top 2017 eCommerce Trends You Need to Consider?

Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions (x2x eCommerce) It’s 2017 and we have been witnessing dramatic changes in the eCommerce Industry. By 2020, online shopping growth will jump to $523 billion from the early figures of $335 billion. Your success it depends on your digital marketing strategy. Hence, you must remain more up to […]

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Implementation process at a rental company – How to prepare employees?

An implementation process is difficult. Challenges are inevitable. It does not matter whether you are implementing a whole new rental system or starting to use a different method. All change brings technical challenges and will resonate throughout your rental company. Employees might complain. Work might take longer to finish. But the better you prepare yourself, the smoother […]

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Workplace Essentials: Mobile Service Application for Dynamics GP

Workplace Essentials is a leading provider of restroom and workplace hygiene services to commercial businesses and public facilities. Their combined commitment to service and protecting the environment makes Workplace Essentials a unique player in the green initiative with their trustworthy service team and innovative no-touch products. With multiple service teams on the road every day […]

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