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Choosing a VAR/Partner

Navigate delivery excellence using DynaRent’s TomTom Webfleet integration 

Customer satisfaction disappears if you can't deliver the right goods and services within increasingly tight timeframes. At the same time, you need to juggle costs, resources, vehicles, and locations that are literally all over the map. As a result, communication between your planning department and drivers is critical. What helps resolve these issues? A seamless […]

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Respond Quickly to Your Construction Bid Through Connected Technology

As a growing construction company, you need to be able to respond quickly to bids through connected technology. A speedy and accurate reply to RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs increases your chances of winning the bid. Centralizing data will streamline and enhance estimating and business processes, giving you a competitive advantage. By building on insights from past […]

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Top Skills to Look for in a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics partner for your business can often be a challenge, especially with some many potential partners currently available. Implementation of a Dynamics software is a major business move, so getting the right advice on what deployment option to choose and ensuring the solution is implemented with the utmost precision and accuracy […]

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What fuels profitable field service?

Equipment-driven rental/leasing companies are driven themselves by field service requirements. Therefore ERP mobility has become essential to working with remote employees. There are many areas to explore in mobile apps for field service. As a result,we focus on the importance of choosing an app. For example you will need workflows that guide employees precisely through […]

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Fast – growing trend: renting vs. buying equipment

Purchasing equipment as a company often involves large down payments. On top of that, every purchase comes with extra costs, such as insurances, taxes, licenses, maintenance etc. This means that you need some solid capital. Especially for start-ups and small to midsize companies, the purchase process can be both costly and time-consuming. All financial, legal, […]

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Recommendations for Performing an Annual Business Review on your ERP System

In our previous article, When did you last perform an Annual Review on your ERP System, we highlighted the reasons for performing an Annual Review on your ERP system. Next, we would like to outline our recommendations for performing the analysis and expectations for each stage. Here are six recommendations we suggest when performing such […]

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Equip your planning department and truck drivers to work together in real time

Equipment-driven companies look at a huge scope when they consider what they want from advanced transportation management software. Less-than-load shipments, multi-mode channels for equipment delivery, shipper/carrier collaboration what do you need to cover? That is in addition to capabilities that let planners connect with warehouse departments, drivers, order processing, and other depots. Market trends always […]

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Graphical planning: When you increase flexibility, you increase profit margins

Crane rental companies that allocate equipment and resources for short-term projects deal with challenges. These challenges are not friendly to last minute planning and execution. In this article, we would like to look at a few of those challenges. How can you handle them with ease and efficiency? Using the rich graphical planning dashboards built […]

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How to financially structure and monitor your bulk equipment

Every company within the equipment industry works with two categories of equipment. They work with serialized equipment and non-serialized equipment, also called bulk equipment. The advantages of serialized equipment are of course that the equipment is uniquely identifiable. This makes it much easier to keep track of equipment, especially for transport or maintenance and service. […]

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The importance of easy-to-use rental search forms for your rental company 

In an ideal world, communicating with a rental company is very simple. For example, let’s say you want to terminate your rental. You open the Rental Companies app and terminate the equipment yourself. No problem arises and you can do this without involvement of the rental company itself. Easy enough, right? Image 1: How can your rental company make […]

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