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Case Study – Dynamics ERP

Reduce Costs – MEM + KwikPayables – WEBINAR

Reduce Costs with MEM+KwikPayables Please join BinaryStream and ImageTag to learn how you can revolutionize your accounting processes and resolve many of the issues you face daily. With Multi-Entity Management (MEM), you can alleviate pains and take hundreds of hours off your routine accounting processes annually by consolidating all your GP companies into one powerful […]

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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Property Management (SSRS Reports)

Did You Know (SSRS Reports)... In addition to reports from various inquiry windows, you should take advantage of the SSRS Reports such as Rent Roll Report, Forecast Reports, Lease Summary Reports, Lease Expiration Summary Report, and Sales Report.

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How a Healthcare Company Bypassed Manual Entry for Faster More Accurate Payroll

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice, a Connecticut non-profit healthcare company, has 600 employees and an extremely complicated payroll commission structure.  Their old accounting software system was not connected to their payroll system, so it was difficult to manage one of their biggest expenses: employee salaries. Another challenge was getting data out of the system, so […]

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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Multi-Entity Management

Did you know... MEM can attach a user class and one or more facilities to a user? This function is especially useful as a time saving tool for organization with a large number of users. In the Multi-Entity Management module and select the User option Select a user ID in the left pane then select […]

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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Multi-Entity Management Bridge – PART 2

Did you know... The Multi-Entity Management bridge Master Records Setup includes roll down functionality which allows you to create the trail on which record sharing between entities occurs. Within this record sharing process there are options to exclude certain due to and due from capabilities for companies when connecting between entities. MEM Bridge provides the […]

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Workplace Essentials: Mobile Service Application for Dynamics GP

Workplace Essentials is a leading provider of restroom and workplace hygiene services to commercial businesses and public facilities. Their combined commitment to service and protecting the environment makes Workplace Essentials a unique player in the green initiative with their trustworthy service team and innovative no-touch products. With multiple service teams on the road every day […]

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Allagash Brewing: Dynamics GP Customized with VicinityBrew

Allagash Brewing Co. has been dedicated to crafting the best Belgian-inspired beer since 1995. Continually innovating and growing, Allagash pushes the limits on beer and was ready to push the limit on their software system. Allagash wanted to find a way to access their real costs in real time. They wanted to maximize the potential […]

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Labelmaster and Sana Commerce: Integrated E-Commerce in Action

Replacing an Old Web Store Labelmaster has been the go-to source for companies needing to comply with the constantly changing regulations governing dangerous goods and hazardous materials for over 50 years. And for the past 10 years their clients have been able to order their products through their web store. Hazmat labels, UN-certified packaging, regulatory […]

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How Healthcare Companies Can Eliminate the Cost of Outsourced Payroll

Processing payroll is especially complicated in the healthcare system. It is 24/7, with multiple shifts and pay rates. Many companies in this industry feel it is easier to just outsource payroll.   However, the cost of outsourcing payroll is shockingly high. Is it really the best option?   The real life experience of Church Homes, […]

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DynaRent helps you manage aerial work platform equipment, projects, collaborations, resources and more

Equipment companies focused on renting, selling, or providing services for aerial work platforms know that expert lifecycle maintenance is critical for expensive and diverse inventory. Transport needs are just as complex and often include fleet management, with multi-national companies sharing fleets across worldwide depots. Aerial work platform companies also collaborate with construction or building services […]

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