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By ISV/Add On Partners

How DynaRent will help you simplify your equipment rental processes

The equipment rental market is exploding with opportunity. But at the same time it is a market with complex rental processes. Both business customers and consumers turn to rental to conserve or spread out cash expenditure. The range and scope for rental goods and services is very wide. Heavy equipment industries need to handle complex projects that […]

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Top 3 Blog Posts You Should Read for Your Equipment Rental Business

The last few months we’ve written multiple blogs regarding the equipment rental industry. And we will keep informing you by writing new content. Are you looking at how IT innovations can benefit your equipment rental business and its models? Then this article might be useful  for you.  It offers a summary of our top 3 blog articles about the […]

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Latest ACA Replacement Not Looking Any More Promising Than Previous Efforts

The latest tweaks to a healthcare bill intended as the existing ACA replacement doesn’t look any more promising than the preceding bill. One of several contentious topics is whether pre-existing conditions have enough protection in the new bill. There were just enough changes for the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to pass through the house, […]

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Hot trend: giving rental companies rich graphical views of equipment availability

Staying on top of your equipment availability is always a big challenge for operations, especially for rental organizations, where turnover for equipment is complex and involves multiple depots. DynaRent provides easy access to equipment availability on depot, nation-wide, or at the global level. Our software’s highly visual approach allows your rental operations team to make […]

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Next up: nVerge 2017

We have our sponsorship shoes on again – the MetaViewer team is heading to San Diego for nVerge 2017 on May 25 as a sponsor! What is nVerge? This is a must-attend conference for business executives and end-users trying to adapt to the constantly changing world of business technology. The conference will bring together more […]

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New Release of Collections Management by Professional Advantage

New Release of Collections Management by Professional Advantage For Dynamics GP 2015 and Dynamics GP 2016 users, Professional Advantage will be releasing new features for Collections Management. The new release will be available next month. The new feature additions include: The ability to use an RTF file as the email body when using a Word […]

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Your Employees are Financially Stressed. We Can Help.

Your employees have financial stress. we can help.Employment is up; that’s a good thing. But just having a good job doesn’t mean that your employees are financially “well.” Present statistics show that 80% of employees experience moderate to severe financial stress. 63% don’t have $500 on hand for emergencies and more than 70% don’t have […]

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3 Top Challenges to Digital Transformation in the equipment rental industry

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about digital transformation, it’s that change is constant – and happening faster than ever before. One other thing that we can agree about is that these changes are inevitable for any industry your company is operating in. Image 1: Challenges to digital transformation in the equipment rental industry […]

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Top Reasons to Consider a Cloud AP Automation Solution for Your Dynamics GP

Change is the air – not just capital C Change, such as the parade of global elections, but also the everyday decisions that people make - taking a new job or moving to another city. With technology speeding ahead, it’s also important that business leaders stay ahead of the curve to understand the best accounting […]

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3 Big Ways B2B Needs Mobile

Everyone knows why B2C web stores love mobile: phone and tablet-toting customers can swipe, browse, buy, and bookmark more for later, all while standing in line for the bus. But B2B’s a different game. Long sales cycles and complex approval processes are no place for smartphones, right? Wrong. Here are three urgent reasons your B2B […]

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