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Four Strategies for Smarter Inventory Control

Companies that carry inventory often focus their cost-cutting endeavors on inventory, and those companies often use inventory as a measure of determining the company’s success and growth. So it is not surprising that when a company decides to purchase distribution management or ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, it is usually for the purpose of finding […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Advanced Reporting and Budgeting

This article focuses on the launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central and how to enable decision making for managers and executives I used to spend more than 70,000 hours helping organizations achieve success with ERP/CPM/CRM solutions, on a cloudy autumn day in 1982, my second year into my accounting degree, I experienced the birth of […]

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Dynamics GP – Recording Vendor Refunds

Recording Vendor Refunds can sometimes be challenging.  Have you ever wanted to record a vendor refund from a vendor under the actual Vendor in GP?  Well you can, and here’s how. Of course, you can record it under the banking module if you are only concerned about updating the checkbook.  But here is how we can […]

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Check Out the New Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Capabilities Guide

Dynamics GP is a solid, full-featured ERP system that has been integral to the success of countless small-to-medium companies like yours. But what functionality is in the latest release? How can you know if it has what you're looking for? Check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Capabilities Guide. This one-stop resource, an in-depth feature […]

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How Can You Build More Value With Lower IT Costs On The Microsoft Platform?

Now, more than ever, IT budgets are under close scrutiny.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, however, you are not just giving your organization powerful analysis tools, you are also giving your IT team the flexible and familiar platform it needs to take charge of their budget and empower your people. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you […]

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How to Install the Latest Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft released the latest tax update for Microsoft Dynamics GP during mid-March, which including an update for North Dakota. As a Microsoft partner based in North Dakota, we've been receiving a lot of questions on how to install the update.   To install the updated tax tables, you’ll need to log into GP as SA. […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Document Attach

Lose the filing cabinet, keep the information! Dynamics GP has a great feature that goes a long way to becoming a paperless office. Using the Document Attach feature, you can attach any type of file to a master record or transaction inside of Dynamics GP. Three of the more common uses for this feature are: […]

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4 reasons why leading rental firms are so successful

Know what you are worth Leading rental firms know what they’re worth. They know their rental companies inside and out and what path to take in the digital transformation. They know their boundaries, challenges, and opportunities. But they also have the confidence to let hype pass them by. They pick and choose very carefully what […]

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Upgrade your GP to the cloud

Stay current and competitive to remain profitable With cloud adoption increasing at a phenomenal rate, companies have started to notice that they have more to gain for less. In the past, companies have succumbed to the pressure of investing in infrastructure, which meant huge capital expenditure outlays. The legacy applications become redundant and the business […]

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Upgrading GP: System requirements for versions 2013 and Higher

System Requirements for GP 2013 and higher versions If you are still on Dynamics GP 2013 or an earlier version, you should consider scheduling an upgrade as Microsoft ends mainstream support for GP 2013 on April 10, 2018. With this, you will no longer receive year end updates and there will be minimal support for […]

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