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What do you need to gain complete control of how you manage equipment rental projects?

If your equipment-driven rental company operates multiple depots across countries and even continents, making sense of how you’re using bulk and non-serialized inventory can feel like an international crisis. You’re under continuous pressure to manage equipment rental projects and “work out the differences” across diverse locations to optimize utilization rates, sustain healthy margins across all […]

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ERP Reinvented: 7 Ways Dynamics 365 for Operations Powers Your ERP

Dynamics AX has always been a much sought after ERP solution across industries, verticals, and organizations of various sizes. And with cloud-based Dynamics 365 in the market that combines the functionality of ERP and CRM along with the awesomeness of O365, the unified working experience is unparalleled. From smarter and more connected operations to exceptional […]

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ASC 606 – Revenue Recognition Standards are changing, are you ready?

ASC 606 is an updated accounting standard issued by FASB and IASB that is designed to ensure revenue recognition is consistent across industries, geographies, and capital markets. It applies to virtually all sectors where there are “contracts with customers” (exceptions include leases, insurance, and financial instruments). It is intended to increase financial statement comparability across companies and […]

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How Wealth Management Firms Can Compete Against Robo-Advisers

Wealth management advisers have been competing against robo-advisers for years. Recently, however, Charles Schwab has announced it is offering a service that combines automated investment management with human advisers. In a recent story in Reuters, the Schwab Intelligent Advisory service will provide clients with a customized financial plan along with advice from live certified financial […]

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Still Using Dynamics GP? Why it Might be Hindering Your Manufacturing Business

There is a universal truth in Enterprise Resource Planning – companies don’t want to switch (and won’t) unless they are forced to do so. Conversely, new business software solutions occasionally come out, offering up shiny new features you might be interested in. But ERP solutions are a long game, and you need the right ERP […]

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How DynaRent industry-specific Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps help your business thrive

Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps gives businesses a platform for creating end user apps that work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. PowerApps offer end users lots of possibilities, but for this blog we’re going to focus on the “Dynamics angle.”   As a Microsoft Dynamics ISV, HiGH Software is really […]

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Want great rental project overviews for equipment, resources, and activities? Look into DynaRent Graphical Planning

Equipment-driven rental projects really call for “one-stop” or centralized insight for success. You need to ensure that you meet budget, requirements, and timeline for a single project.   In many cases, you may be handling multiple projects that call on you to coordinate equipment, manpower, transport, etc. so that activities and availability don’t overlap. Full […]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

An empowering, accelerated path to business transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 If you see any value in the innovation and solution development that Microsoft and its Dynamics partners have done in the areas of ERP and CRM solutions, and if you are aware of the opportunities in cloud computing, give some thought to Microsoft Dynamics […]

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Dynamics 365 Enables 1:1 Communication for Manufacturers

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enables 1 to 1 Customer to Manufacturer Communication with Azure IoT Suite- Remember in your youth (or even seemingly in your office) playing the telephone game, where one person leans in and tells the individual next to them a message and by the time the phrase is repeated down the line to […]

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Future-facing Equipment Service Management: Managing Delayed Maintenance with DynaRent For Microsoft Dynamics

Service management software is getting better and better at helping companies forecast equipment maintenance scheduling and streamline corrective or emergency maintenance issues. The offshoot of strong service management strategy and execution is that companies actually have freedom to prioritize service needs and allocate tasks like cleaning or extra performance checks to a delayed maintenance schedule. […]

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