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Shedding light on the mystery behind manufacturing business transformation

Throughout the four industrial revolutions, Manufacturing has repeatedly adopted resources and technologies that it continued using ever since. First, it incorporated the powers of steam and water. Next, electricity. Third, automation supported by electronics and computers.   Fourth, digital transformation, made possible by advanced computing and decision-driving analytics. Automation of repeating, structured activities is still […]

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Reducing food companies’ risk while increasing their control and competitive standing with the Cloud

Companies that make and distribute food products are subject to stringent regulations to maintain safety and quality standards for ingredients, raw materials, and finished products. At the same time, they run the most efficient and profitable operations they can, creating and providing products for their customers. Introducing new products typically comes with the high risk […]

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Dynamics 365: 20% Off Promo

A 20% off promo is being offered on Microsoft Dynamics 365: the next generation of intelligent business solutions offered in the cloud. Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering purposely built applications for manufacturing, retail, distribution, and the services industries.  These market segments are made more productive by uniting business intelligence, sales, customer service, field […]

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The Critical Entities in the Sales Module of Dynamics 365

The purpose of this blog is to go over the very basics of the critical entities within the Sales module of Dynamics 365. The intended audience includes individuals who are brand new to Dynamics 365. Specifically, I will be covering the Account, Contact, Leads, and Opportunities. As many of you know, there is much more […]

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How construction equipment rental businesses can add dealership to their portfolio

HiGH Software has an interesting trend to share with international construction equipment rental businesses. Over the past few years, we’ve heard increasingly from customers that a key benefit of our solution DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics is that it offers more flexibility than other rental and services software in some specific areas. It turns out that […]

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Full Service Management for Construction Equipment Dealers: DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics

Construction equipment dealers work with very rigorous and wide-ranging service requirements—for newly bought equipment, current equipment in depots, trade-in equipment, and equipment that is being sold. Whether you both rent and sell construction equipment or focus solely on the dealership aspect, you deal with different business processes and requirements for service needs. Every purchase, inspection, […]

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Top IT factors for a strong dealer management strategy

We’d like to talk briefly about the need for equipment driven companies to open new revenue streams. It’s a given that organizations can only thrive if they find ways to connect with customers, suppliers, and employees across multiple channels and locations. “Apps, sites, and portals” are a fact of daily business. Along with opening new […]

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Your Top Questions About Dynamics 365 for Financials Answered

Download our FREE Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo Since its release in late 2016, there has been great interest with Microsoft’s new Dynamics offering – Dynamics 365. The product features Financials, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Project Service Automation and Marketing. We have received the most number of inquiries focusing on the Financials module. In […]

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Move with equipment-driven market trends easily with DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The market landscape and global supply chain are matrixes, and the same goes for equipment driven market trends and companies. Regardless your models for rental, leasing, or services, you’re going to be dealing with maintenance, transport, purchase-to-scrap equipment lifecycles, resources, and asset management. You’ll need to interface with diverse internal and third-party stakeholders, across remote […]

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Dynamics 2012 R3 to Dynamics 365 for Operations – A Step-by-Step Guide to the Code Migration Process

If you’re looking to speed up your business processes and make global scalability and digital intelligence the foundation of your business, you’ve probably already realized that Dynamics 365 for Operations is for you. Assuming you already have Dynamics AX 2012 in place, the shift to Dynamics 365 for Operations is important to work smarter, achieve […]

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