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Dynamics 365 for Operations: Lean Manufacturing Considerations

The Production Control module within Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics AX) offers three methods of to manage your production activities: Production orders for discrete manufacturing Batch orders for process manufacturing Kanbans for lean manufacturing While the setup for discrete and process manufacturing are somewhat similar, lean requires its own unique setup. […]

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The WannaCry Cyber-Attack: Could Being in the Cloud Have Protected Your Company?

The WannaCry ransomware situation involved 150 countries. Anyone who was affected is wondering one thing: Is there anything we could have done differently to avoid this? How could our IT department have been more proactive? Someone surely saw this coming and should have known what to do to avoid it. But the truth is that, […]

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Cloud-based CPM Rules Now and the Future

This article will focus on where the business world is now while embracing Cloud-Based CPM as the norm. No matter how tech savvy you are, I think we can all agree that the cloud is becoming the new normal in regards to hosting apps, files, and networks. You may not understand all of the details, […]

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How Dynamics 365 for Operations is Helping Organizations Think Globally, Act Locally

Almost every enterprise software (and especially those as popular as Dynamics 365 for Operations) is used across several distinct regions, geographies, countries, and continents. If there was just a single, uniform functionality for every employee at every region, to do their daily jobs, how would you meet the unique legal, regulatory, and business (and employee) […]

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Dynamics GP vs Dynamics 365 – Why can’t we just get a comparison checklist?

Comparing Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 isn't like comparing apples to oranges, it's more like comparing apples to pears.   Both apples and pears are crisp, sweet, and firm.  They both have seeds in the middle and are available in red, yellow, or green.  But there is a different texture, there is a different juice, […]

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How Can Your Construction Company Adopt the Digital Revolution?

The digital revolution is transforming businesses in nearly every business sector, including the construction industry. Construction companies can benefit greatly by centralizing information and connecting their people, projects, and data with modern technology. Implement a unified business management system and improve the quality of work life for your employees, contractors, and customers—while controlling costs and […]

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Reporting in a Multi-Cloud World

This article focuses on Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools as a complete solution as well as challenges that the business world encounters with data from multiple cloud and on-premise platforms. I think we are on the same page when I say that we are living in a multi-cloud world? Business can find a true solution […]

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Next up: nVerge 2017

We have our sponsorship shoes on again – the MetaViewer team is heading to San Diego for nVerge 2017 on May 25 as a sponsor! What is nVerge? This is a must-attend conference for business executives and end-users trying to adapt to the constantly changing world of business technology. The conference will bring together more […]

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Dynamics 365: Business Edition VS Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 is one of the most searched ERP solutions to date as it as available for use from any device anywhere. But the names can be confusing.  What is Dynamics 365?  Why are Microsoft's two versions? Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition (otherwise known as 0f 07/01 as the United Operations Plan) and Dynamics 365 Business […]

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3 Signs it is Time to Switch to Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Trying to utilize a maxed-out accounting software to do business can create unnecessary lag time. By choosing a system that is advanced and ready to grow, you can make decisions for your business—not against it! It may be hard to recognize that your business is beginning to outgrown your accounting software. Many businesses have experienced […]

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