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The Future of Dynamics GP and the Birth of Dynamics 365

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    by Zac Richards

    With Microsoft’s recent marketing push centered on the new Dynamics 365, many have started to raise the question, “Is Dynamics GP going away?” The short answer: no! Microsoft has stated that development of Dynamics GP will continue for as long as customers want it and recently released the Dynamics GP Roadmap. The roadmap highlights coming enhancements to the product, starting with GP 2018 and moving beyond.

    GP 2018 is expected to release at the end of 2017, most likely before the end of Q4. Critical updates for the release include Workflow 4.0, Doc Attach, Finance & HR Optimization, Power Suite, and many other top features requested by current GP users. Microsoft is looking to strengthen GP’s cloud capabilities, making it easier and more convenient to access GP whenever and wherever you may be.

    Picture courtesy of RoseASP

    Dynamics GP is a proven ERP solution that has been around for over 20 years. With this background, Microsoft has an extra level of confidence in introducing their newest solution, Dynamics 365, to the market. Microsoft wants to offer general functionality but relies on partners to provide unique features and customizations to fit consumer needs. This leads us to believe that in the future, Dynamics GP will be developed even more so by partners than ever before. Customers express to their partners what they look to gain from their ERP system. In turn, partners transform those ideas into functional enhancements to improve the needs of customers.

    Dynamics 365 is a SaaS-based accounting solution, meaning it is licensed on a subscription basis, designed for small to mid-sized companies that run on Microsoft Azure. Customers pay monthly for the service so there are no additional upfront costs for hardware, SQL servers, or other components typically associated with on-premise solutions. Dynamics 365, fully integrated with Office 365, competes with other cloud-based solutions such as Xero or QuickBooks. The upside to Dynamics 365 as a SaaS solution is that Microsoft can send out updates automatically without user intervention. Since Dynamics 365 is fully cloud-based, it is designed to work anytime, anywhere. 365 suits those who want to run on the cloud and do not have complex needs.

    Even though Dynamics GP and 365 are both comparable ERP systems, they are each geared toward unique audiences. Dynamics GP users often have system requirements that go beyond core financials, while Dynamics 365 users focus primarily on the financial modules of GL, AP and AR and have less available to them in the way of customizations. Microsoft has assured the Dynamics GP community that it will continue to exist and grow, as the most recent roadmap for Dynamics GP shows ongoing development beyond 2019. Microsoft will also continue to provide support for the software.

    For more information or to request a demo for either Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365, please contact Joseph St Germain at [email protected].

    Learn more about this topic at our webinar “What’s New in Dynamics GP 2016 and Beyond” on Wednesday May 17th at 1:00pm.

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    3 Responses to “The Future of Dynamics GP and the Birth of Dynamics 365”

    1. David says:

      Hello there.

      This year for the first time over, I have heard rumors that GP will become end of life and Microsoft will put their resources towards Dynamics NAV.

      Is there any truth in this rumour?

      Aall the best,


      • HI David,

        I know that you posted that question for the original author, but I thought I’d chime in. There is no truth to the rumour that Dynamics GP is being sunsetted. Microsoft continues to develop the product, and the road map takes it out beyond 2019.

        Please review some of the posts written recently by some of the Dynamics GP MVP’s discussing this very topic:

        Rod O’Connor

      • Amber Bell says:

        Hello David,

        Rod linked to a couple great articles. Here is another recent post from another Microsoft MVP named Mariano Gomez:

        You’ll notice that all of the slides for the “GP Roadmap” say “Top Features Requested by Customers”. They recently moved to a new site. Here is a more user friendly link:

        I wrote an article last year after GPUG Summit. I updated the links and submitted some of my top requests to the new site before posting my reply to you. Here is my blog post:

        Accounting Software boils down to Data In/Data Out:
        Microsoft Dynamics GP is a strong and stable product that has flexibility to support complex integrations. The addition of Navigation Lists and the flexibility of user specific homepages and the shortcut bar have improved efficiency and ease of use.
        The addition of using SQL Reports, live Excel Reports and PowerBI (as referenced by Belinda Allen’s article that Rod mentioned) has made the extraction of data to mobile devices EASY and secure.

        As you might also note, the Microsoft Dynamics GP community is strong! I know Rod and each of the people that he linked to and count them not only as colleagues but also as friends. That level of support and community makes the product stronger! We will fight for the best ERP solution out there and we don’t hold back from telling Microsoft and the ISV (Independent Software Vendors – create add-on tools and apps for GP) our thoughts and suggestions.

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