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How to create a backup in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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    As the end of year closes in, most of you are in the process of preparing your year-end close in Dynamics GP. Running year-end close processes is not a big deal if everything goes as planned, but what if something goes wrong? If database backups were not taken prior to the year-end close procedures being run, you could be in trouble. The database backups serve as a safety net in the event that some unforeseen event occurs.

    Here are 3 simple steps to create a backup in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

    1. In your Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Maintenance on the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, and then click Backup.
      Note:  The Back Up Company window will then open.
    2. In the Company Name list, click your company name.
    3. Change the path of the backup file if it is required to save to a different location, and then click OK. Remember to give this backup a name to differentiate it from your other backups ie. 2016 Pre Year-End Update

    We also suggest that while you are running the backup, check to make sure you have enough room on your hard drive where your data and log files are stored. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have run out of space.

    Take the extra 10 minutes to have your Dynamics GP databases backed up. You might save yourself hours in support calls!

    If you have any questions about backing up your Dynamics GP data, please  Contact Rimrock Corporation.

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