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How Many Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics ERP? Updated 2015

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A question that people evaluating Microsoft Dynamics ERP often ask me is, “How many companies are using Microsoft Dynamics?”  These are the recently updated numbers from Convergence 2015 provided to me by Jim Desler, Director, Corporate Communications at Microsoft.

2015 Breakdown of the Microsoft Dynamics customer numbers worldwide by product:

Microsoft Dynamics® AX 20,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® GP 47,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 110,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® SL 13,500 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 40,000+ companies 4.4 million users

Microsoft Dynamics Retail: 46,500
Microsoft Dynamics C5: 85,000
Microsoft XAL,C4/Apertum: 30,000


If you want to compare with past statistics:

2014 Breakdown of the Microsoft Dynamics customer numbers worldwide by product :

Microsoft Dynamics® AX 19,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® GP 47,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 102,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® SL 13,500 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 40,000 companies 4 million users


Plus Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System reported a surprisingly high 45,000 companies.

More details from Convergence 2014:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: Over 30% license growth in North America over last 6 months
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 38 quarters of double digit growth
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Microsoft Dynamics GP: Customer adds grew over 30% in last 6 months

To compare: Here are the official counts from Convergence 2013.

Breakdown of the Microsoft Dynamics customer numbers worldwide by product:

Microsoft Dynamics® AX 18,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® GP 43,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 94,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® SL 13,500 companies
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 39,000 companies (3 million users)


Included in these are some famous companies and brands using Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM.

Why are there more Dynamics NAV users than any other? Because this is a count of worldwide customers. Dynamics NAV has a huge customer base in Europe. If this was a count of only US companies, Dynamics GP would have the highest amount.

By Anya Ciecierski, ERP Software Blog Editor, Find a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Directory at

32 Responses to “How Many Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics ERP? Updated 2015”

  1. mithilesh kumar singh says:

    we need to know name of printing companies use erp

  2. Kit Tomshoj says:

    Good question – which printing companies use erp. When investigating this remember that the lingo in this industry is MIS and they would not know an ERP system if it selfinstalled on their server :) At least the smaller ones. Typically we see smaller companies with MIS systems; estimation package, production planning, costing and invoicing, and not too much activity on the item management side. Bigger companies have management who are interested in more emphasis on ERP. NAV is a really good basis for this. In my company we have put our own vertical on top for the printing industry. If you are interested I can give you some examples of our CfMD product called PrintVis and a some references.

  3. KK says:

    As of 2013 how many companies are enabled with ERP (any ERP)and how many not implemented?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Wodny says:

    I am an financial controller by profession. Currently I am in the job search phase and want to add ERP to my skill sets. Based in Europe, I want to go for ERP which is highly in demand by medium and large sized enterprises.

    I need your advice in helping me decide which ERP should i invest in while adding to my skill sets.

    Your guidance will be of great help to me.Based on the research I have done so far, I am confused between SAP, MS Dynamics AX & NAV and Oracle Financial (Hyperion?).

    What do you advice?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Audrey says:

    1) How many companies are running Dynamics NAV in Norway?

    2) Do you have any industry breakdowns? For example, how many Oil and Gas companies use any of the Dynamics products in Norway?


  6. Prasanna says:

    How many jewel industries are using Microsoft dynamics ax2012 erp software..?

  7. Krishnamurthy says:

    How many companies which trade chemicals are using ms dynamics nav?

  8. Andrew Cox says:

    Very impressive figures for NAV. Can you provide me with the stats for NAV broken down by industry sector & whether server hosted or SaaS please. Thank you.

  9. ERP Software Blog Administrator says:

    No, Sorry Andrew. We don’t have the numbers broken down like this. I wish we did!

  10. Do you know if these statistics are available for only United States? If so, please inform where I can retrieve. I would like to see the state by state statistics too, if they are published.

    Thank you,

  11. ERP Software Blog Administrator says:

    Sorry Chris, Those figures are not available. It is not broken down by location.

  12. Iam an dynamics expert, having worked in a tobacco ie Greatbrands Nigeria Limited. Any company who is need of my service can contact me through 08068346889.

  13. Tommy Skaue says:

    Considering the fact that smaller companies use products like NAV and bigger companies use products like AX, the number of customers doesn’t really tell how it impacts the real usage. Bigger companies would have more users, so these graphs would be more interesting to see with the number of users instead. :-)

  14. Jon Simmons says:

    Thanks for the great post it is really interesting to see the increase in adoption of Microsoft Dynamics over the past couple years. Now that Satya Nadella is the CEO over at Microsoft I wouldn’t be surprised to see a stronger push of the Dynamics product set being that he used to run the Cloud Computing division at Microsoft. They have already started to increase the advertising so it will be interesting to see what the future has in store for the product line. We have seen a large amount of clients start to use our Microsoft Dynamics Gp training and implementation services, which seems to signify that a lot of businesses with less experience with ERP and CRM solutions are starting to see the value associated with these products. We are excited to see how the trends will change over the course of this year as well!

  15. M. Leitz says:

    Thanx for the statistics! Are there statistics available about Germany?

  16. Sorry M. Leitz but this is the only information available.

  17. akash jain says:

    We deal in Microsoft Dynamics – AX, NAV, CRM and SP. At present, focussing for african continent so looking for partners, present users over there? Please assist if you have any related data or even facts and figures for the same.


  18. Leo says:

    Great article on MS Dynamics. If ever you want to compare other ERP software similar to MS Dynamics, feel free to check out our website.


  19. Br says:

    Thanks for the great article. Does anyone know if MS AX 2012 can handle software type of business. Aside from our traditional 200m$ HW business, we do have a SW business with a growing SaaS dynamics. Looking to understand if MS AX 2012 has capabilities, built in or with side modules, to manage such type of business. Would appreciate some contacts to discuss. thanks a lot, Br

  20. satish says:

    i am trying to learn in ms dynamics so please tell me how about job opurtunties this field

  21. Manoj says:

    Is any garment manufacturing company which is based in India using Microsoft Dynamics 2013 R2?

  22. Thanks, the survey is great enable we professionals to know where to improve and glide on. it will be great if the following can be made available;
    a. Drill down to industry sector applicable for each product line.
    b. Continent or Countries where product is effectively adopted.
    c. The percentage of products use out of the box with limited customization compared to product that required extensive customization.

  23. Oladunjoye Niyi says:

    I will like to know the highest number of users that Microsoft Dynamics NAV can support. Can you give me an example of companies that have thousands of users on Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

  24. Vincent Saul says:

    It would be cool to know how many food manufacturing companies use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and from what sections of the United States.

  25. I would like to know the name & contact details like mail id & Phone number of Companies using Fixed assets module in Axapta 2009/20012 in India.

  26. Abel Ruiz says:

    Hello. Seeking a job in Planning & Scheduling via the use of MRP/ERP, specifically Dynamics AX. I helped implement it back in 2009 for a company called Fortune Fashions in Vernon CA.
    I was responsible for generating BOMs and Routes, work centers and calendars for capacity planning. I need a list of companies in the US who are manufacturers so I can reach out to them for employment.

    Many thanks,
    Abel Ruiz

  27. Vic packer says:


    20 Plus years exp with dyniamics nav and erp systems in general. Seeking usa company sponsorship for possible contract opportunities in usa. I am based in sydney Australia. Any contact information would be most appreciated.

  28. Mohammed Kaleem Uddin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Currently i am working in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 in Financial Modules but i can’t make financial reports, in this company type of business is Security Services and we not even have good procedure for Invoicing, Customer Aging reports, and Cash flow Statement.

    Its a Honorable request to you that give a link where i can learn all those missing knowledge.

    Best Regards
    Cell No. 00966533978277

  29. oluchi says:

    i will like to know the industries or companies that can make use of the erp-hospital management system software as a solution

  30. It would be interesting to see this in a breakdown of the different industries?

  31. Jake says:

    How accurate is this? The numbers have barely moved from 2014 to 2015.

  32. Interesting figures.

    @Krishnamurthy, check for ERP for Chemical Distributors.

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