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Marcia Nita Doron, Sikich Boston

Dynamics GP 2013 New Features – Drill Down Builder

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    The release of Drill Down Builder in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is an example of Microsoft’s commitment to build upon the strong connection between Dynamics GP and its office products. Watch this 4-minute video for a demonstration on how to use the Drill Down Builder in Dynamics GP 2013.

    This video uses an Excel-based report linked to Dynamics GP to demonstrate the new Drill Down Builder feature in Dynamics GP 2013. Creating a Drill Down can be done in four simple and straightforward steps—as seen in this demo video.

    This new Drill Down Builder is a powerful tool to access information inside of Dynamics GP 2013.

    For more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 or the new Drill Down Builder feature, contact us! Telephone: 508-485-5588 | Email Marcia Nita Doron at [email protected] | Website:

    2 Responses to “Dynamics GP 2013 New Features – Drill Down Builder”

    1. Some of the features of open source ERP are:
      Business Intelligence
      Customer Relationship Management
      Financial Management
      Human Capital Management
      Manufacturing Operations
      Supply Chain Management
      Cost effective

    2. Thanks, Dynamics Hosting! So true. The list of new features available with GP2013 is long. We just selected a few (3 to be exact)to focus on and post on the ERP blog.

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