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How to Copy SOP Invoice Formats in Report Writer

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    Actually, you can do this for other reports in GP’s Report Writer, provided they have the same table structure.    This means that I can’t (easily) copy an unposted/Work Tables invoice format to a posted/Historical Tables invoice format.     Let’s say I wanted to have two very similar invoice formats and I’ve done some extensive modifications to one report layout.    I can “copy” this (see instructions below) and then make a few additional modifications to the new layout without having to go through the process from the beginning.

    1. You will need to have two reports in the modified section of Report Writer.   One will be SOP Blank Invoice form for example, that you have already modified, and the one you want to copy it to, such as SOP Blank Options Invoice Form.
    2. Under Microsoft Dynamics GP dropdown select Tools/Customize, Customization Maintenance.
    3. Export each report individually to your desktop, for example, with naming to identify each report clearly.
    4. Open each report in Microsoft Notepad (the Open With option).
    5. Copy the first two lines of the report you would like to overwrite – in this example take the first two lines from the SOP Blank Options Invoice Form from the opened Notepad file :

    <Component ProductId="0" Object="Report" >Report             "SOP Blank Options Invoice Form"

    6.  And copy these two lines to overwrite the same exact section of the SOP Blank Invoice Form.

    7.  Close the SOP Blank Options Invoice Form

    8.  Save the SOP Blank Invoice Form “as” the SOP Blank Options Invoice Form

    9.  Re-import the SOP Blank Options Invoice Form and provide proper security.

    10.  Open the new report format in Report Writer to make additional changes if necessary.

    Voila !   Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer along with Microsoft Notepad will make your report writing more efficient and less time consuming!

    Contributed by Lisa Armstron Croteau, Microsoft Dynamics GP Senior Consultant at SSi Consulting.

    SSi Consulting, Maryland Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

    4 Responses to “How to Copy SOP Invoice Formats in Report Writer”

    1. Robert Spurling says:

      Fantastic piece – I Appreciate the info , Does anyone know where my assistant might grab a template permit search document to use ?

    2. Kimberley Stevens says:

      Do you happen to know what the differences are between the SOP Blank Return form and the SOP Blank Invoice form? I have a highly customized invoice, and I want my returns to use the same form. I was planning to use this method to copy the report, but I’ll have to go through it line-by-line to identify the differences unless someone already happens to know what they are. I don’t even know why there would be different forms for invoices and returns.

    3. Andrew Ryan says:

      This is a great start. We also used invoice templates until our business grew so much that we had to switch to an online service called oneclick statements

    4. This method works for moving report formats between the various formats at the same “posting” level. To copy between Work and History reports will require some use of Find and Replace to update the Table Names from WORK to HIST. Please note that some tables are used for both work and history.

      David Musgrave


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